Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Children's Art Transformed into a PILLOW!

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Do you remember when I posted about Thrive Art's Intermediate Program?  Well, here is the link.  Let me tell you -- this is the first project that Gator did with the Intermediate Program.  The drawing was a bit more difficult than the beginner program and required the use of Oil Pastels which she had used a few times before but never really knew how to use them.  When the picture was complete she stood there beaming at how amazing it came out.  Of course, I posted it on my blog here and then Theresa (Thrive Art owner) shared it with the Thrive Art group!  One of the ladies from the group contacted me about her Etsy shop called JannieMaies where she makes custom pillowcases from children's artwork! She asked if she could use Gator's art to make a one of a kind pillow! Of course, I jumped at the opportunity!!!

I didn't have to send her the actual picture all I needed to do was send her a close up of the picture via e-mail.  She then worked her magic....and boy did she work some magic!  She made a keepsake like no other!

She uses a machine to sew all her pillows with hand embroidery and hand applique.  She does use embellishments at times (like the button eye for the octopus).  A couple weeks later this amazing pillowcase appeared in our mailbox.  It is GORGEOUS!  And, of course I didn't tell the kids it was arriving so when they opened it they were shocked.  They loved it!!!!

Peanut is holding the original art and Gator is holding her new pillowcase!

We put the pillowcase on an 18x18 pillow. It looks great. We have moved it around. I like it in the family room but Gator likes it on her bed!  At one point I mentioned giving it as a gift and she said "Well, we could..." but she had such a sad face because she really wanted to keep it (sorry Grandma's the kid is keeping the pillow!!!!!).  

I think this is a great gift for the upcoming holidays!!!  If you are interested in finding out more about these pillows jump on over to JannieMaies ETSY store.  Also, feel free to contact her when you on ETSY and tell her you found her through my blog! She will be sure to offer you a discount (in the month of Septmber)!  


Ashley said...

That turned out really cute!

James said...

They are very talented. These little angels have drawn very cute pictures on pillows.