Thursday, September 19, 2013

Build and Grow Clinic


We took the kids to the Build and Grow clinic at Lowes over the weekend.  It was our first time attending and the kids were super excited.  You are supposed to make reservations on the website but as we learned on Saturday you really can just show up.  They often have lots of extras.  Each kid receives goggles, an apron and the project. You get to borrow one of their hammers but everything else they can keep. At the end of the project you get a certificate of completion and a patch. The patch is an iron-on one to the apron.  You should have seen some of the kids at Lowes they had aprons FILLED with the patches!  My kids had a really good time. It was a little difficult for Achoo but they all loved it.  


The project was a simple Red Fire Truck!!!  It totally seemed fitting as we visited the Fire Station for a field trip the day before!!  The girls did most of the work themselves but everyone did need a little help. The wheels were so difficult!  At the end, Achoo was so thrilled to have a red truck!   

The girls brought their trucks immediately to their room. Apparently, the Polly Pocket's really enjoy riding around in it! Achoo's sits on his bookshelf with his mini-cars in them - oh my goodness. These kids are just the cutest thing ever!



Well, all in all, the kids had a fantastic time.  I'm definitely going to try another one of these clinics soon!  They seem to run about one to two times a month. You can find your local Build and Grow clinic HERE.  The next clinic is Oct 12 at 10 AM at your local Lowes!  

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Adriana Zoder said...

This really looks like a lot of fun. BTW, I love the name of your site. The main reason I homeschool is because I had this weird feeling sending my children to a building called school for seven hours a day made our home not exactly the most exciting place to be when they got back from the "other" building. :)