Thursday, September 12, 2013

Baby A turned 12 months...yup, ONE year old.

Well, it's been a small delay BUT here it is...Baby A turned ONE.  Oh my  I'm so shocked at how fast the year flew.  
20x20 cake smash collage

It has been an amazing year.  The day she arrived it felt like she was always here. The kids immediately fell in love with her and have been showering her with hugs, kisses and love ever since.  She's somehow has every single person in this family wrapped around her tiny pinky finger.  We drop everything for her....and she knows it.

I think all my kids look like each other at certain times but oh does she ever look like Peanut. The two of them are just so similar....and so tiny!  There have been a couple times recently with our move that Vegas has said, "Which kid is this photo of" and then we had company here for her birthday and someone commented on our Disney photos (thinking they were like from this, they were from our last trip when Peanut was a baby)!!!  

Baby A had her rolls this year but now that she's mobile they are starting to disappear.  She just went to the doctors last week and weighed in at 20 pounds.  TWENTY.  I have to laugh because at 12 months Gator was like 30. Yeah, I'm not kidding.  Baby A stands 29'' tall and oh my gosh...she never ever stands still. She's on the go -- all.the.time!!!

4L3A6935 pp

My friend came over the other day to borrow something and as we're talking Baby A just walks around the corner like she owns the place (she so does...) and I cannot get over that she's just so confident.

She babbles a lot but does have a few small words. She loves to be outside in our yard. She enjoys balls and bubbles -- oh and the trampoline!  Bath time is a favorite and thank goodness because she has the STINKIEST feet ever!!

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Her favorite foods are greek yogurt, fruit, cheese, pasta, baby goldfish and anything I'm contemplating eating.  

She sleeps with a cute little lovey but doesn't carry it around the house.  Don't worry though you'll find her carrying everything else around the house.  Baby A loves baby dolls, Little People, playing kitchen, Cars, trains and beanie babies.  


Oh...and I had Baby A's 1st year photos taken here in Ohio. If you are ever in need a photographer you MUST check her out!!!  All photos in this blog are thanks to Christine at Krysia Photography...I'm in LOVE!

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