Thursday, August 22, 2013

Our Move. Part 1 of ? :-D

Oh my goodness.  We are here in O-H-I-O!  Let me start this really ridiculously long post about our move.  I'm not quite sure where to begin...but I'm thinking this will be a multiple part post.

About four weeks ago - wow, has it been that long?  The movers came to our house and packed up all our belongings.  Like...all of our stuff.  Every single room was empty *sniff sniff* and every single room was filled with boxes....

Before the movers came...yes, like days, weeks and months I pulled things out and put them aside.  The things that I just wouldn't trust anyone to take - photo albumns, first outfits/baptism dress, bills, jewelry...but aside from all that (and our vacuum and carpet cleaner) everything was packed and loaded on the truck.

We spent a couple days cleaning up the house for the new tenants!  We scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed some more. If you know us - we aren't dirty but some how we found lots of dust, goo and grime. We cleaned everything so that our renters did not have to do it...though, I'm sure they probably sprayed things down themselves it wasn't the horror stories you hear some people speak of....they walked into a perfectly clean (and very loved but not worn at all just loved) house!

Once the movers had taken all our stuff away we opted to just sleep in a hotel. I cannot stand hotels but its better than nothingness....or is it?  Well, regardless...we then spent five days in a hotel.

Hotel life was not fact, I didn't enjoy it.  We spent a lot of time out and about doing things we needed and wanted to do before leaving Texas...we visited Sea World, spent time with friends, Gator participated in Team Camp with her gymnastics team, eating out -- a lot!  We ate at the Cove....the kids really enjoyed that place and well, I needed to do laundry so it was a good option...(laundry at the restaurant...yes, seriously).

We also ate at Texas Pride on the night we had to drop the doggies off at camp --- need to board your dogs in San Antonio?  You have got to check out Mrs. Goodiecookies -- she FABULOUS!  We really will miss her!

I was really worried about the drive.  It was going to be way too many miles - I think 1250 or more...and I had to do it ALL BY MYSELF.  Ok, so I wasn't solo...I was following the hubby and had 3 of 4 kids in the van but still.  I had to physically drive the entire thing.   The first day we drove up to Texarkana....we stopped there and had dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.  The kids thought it was the coolest place ever because while we slept in Arkansas we ate in Texas.  YaY - Texarkana! 

The next day there were a few hiccups in our plans and it was slow(er) going than we had hoped. Thankfully we got news that the moving truck would not be in Ohio for Friday so we had plenty of time to drive....we decided to do a pitstop and visit family in Tennessee (although our original plan was to drive through Arkansas to Kentucky completely by-passing Tennessee).  I'm glad we stopped though. It was a much needed rest and the kids and dogs had a place to stretch, run and be loud....I think it was a really good decision!

The third day we hopped in the car and drove for what felt like forever....we FINALLY hit Ohio at rush hour...of all times  - Friday at rush hour!  But, we made it to our home!

I don't have much to say about our arrival into the house. We did have some balloons greeting us and a big gift under them....and our neighbors jumped over within minutes of us arriving to introduce themselves (they are all fabulous, btw).  We also had a bag of goodies inside waiting for the kids!!

We evaluated the house and got started with our "to-do" list...first, finding food....getting odds and ends and checking into the hotel!  We stayed at the hotel through the weekend until our HHG (house-hold-goods) arrived on Monday.  Phew.  It was a smart move as we needed to deep clean the house!  

All our stuff arrived on Monday and we were surrounded with boxes...boxes, boxes everywhere!!!!  I was slightly over whelmed with the amount of junk a family can accumulate.  I thought we purged quite a bit before the move but then I realized I brought a lot of stuff with us that I was like "seriously?!'' - second purge time! 

We got all the big stuff mostly set up and then started to paint that first week.  We have plans to paint almost everything.  We (with the help from our Dad's) have painted all but the bathrooms and Master bedroom. The house looks amazing.  I do need to figure out how to give it some curb appeal outside...the backyard also needs a little love but so far all the changes we have made are for the best!!!  Now, I'll upload some before and after photos of the house so you can see all our fabulous changes in the next post :)

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Anonymous said...

Yep, purge before AND after a move. it's always how it goes!!! Dena