Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Our Kiwi Crate - August - FUN WITH FLIGHT!!!!

This week we received our monthly Kiwi Crate.  I love Kiwi Crate -- it is a monthly subscription geared to children ages 3-7.  Each box is filled with craft projects that include ALL the materials and lots of educational tid bits!  This month they have even started including the magazine Explore for each child FREE (it's a $4.95 value).

This box is called "fun with flight" and there were three different projects to do: my flying kites, my rad rocket and explore more!!!  Plus, they also include a link to their site where you can access even more projects and ideas!!!

Now...this month I totally didn't get a photo (or better yet video) of the box arriving.  It got dropped off this weekend by the mailman and the kids ran screaming "It's a KIWI CRATE..." the mailman was stunned!

This is our box when we opened it up!  You'll see the guides for each project and inside the box are enough supplies for the kids to do each project. I have signed up for one kiwi crate with sibling add on. This means I should have enough for two kids to do all the projects! Luckily they usually allow for more than one of each project so Achoo got to jump in and play too!

You'll see in the photo below the materials for making the kite...and then the three kids working so hard on their kites.  Each kite came out awesome and completely different. The kids loved making them and couldn't wait to get outside!!!  

We had so much fun making and flying the kites!  The next project we will work on is  making rockets!!!  I hope you enjoyed seeing the kids create and play with their kites!!!

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Until next time...

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