Wednesday, August 28, 2013

One Minute Reader iPad app -- a mosaic review!

I am so excited to share with you my review for The One Minute Reader iPad app by Read Naturally.  The app is initially a free download found at the iTunes store (here) and is very easy to use.  You can start by testing your child with the provided placement test.  It then decides which level you would start with.  You can purchase small sections of each level for $2.99-$4.99 each or you can purchase the entire level for $19.99.  This summer my daughter used Level 1. You can find on iTunes at The One Minute Reader Level 1.

It is an amazing app for the iPad created for developing readers. It works to improve their reading ability and fluency through an app.  The program suggests using the app three to five times a week for a short period of time 15 to 20 minutes.  You can choose to work with your child or have them work independently.

I loved how the app was really easy to use. The first couple times I sat down with my daughter each time she worked on the reading.  Once I knew she was comfortable with the program I found her using it by herself and loving it.  The program starts with the child reading the story and then a model reader reads the story to the child.  The child then re-reads the story until he or she masters the story.  A few stories we used were easy to master in three to five times but a few did require more time.

Each time the child begins to read the story the app asks the child to tap "start" the child will read for one minute. If they finish before the one minute mark they hit the "done" button.  At one minute the app will tell the child to click on the last word that they read.  It then brings the child to a graph telling them how many words they have read in the one minute.  They can then have the story read to them. After the model reader reads the story they then re-read the story themselves until they have mastered it.

I honestly wasn't sure how I was going to feel about this app.  But, I love it.  One of the problems with my daughters reading was that it could be very choppy as she was reading bigger words.  This program has definitely helped to her read more fluently and built her confidence. It also has worked with her vocabulary and comprehension!  After the reader reads the story certain words will become high lighted. The child can click on those words and the definition will appear with a photo - the model reader tells the child what each word means. And, at the end of each short story there are a few simple questions to answer!

We opted to use this program during the summer months to keep our reading fresh!  I know we will continue to use this almost daily in our homeschool.  We only completed level 1 and there are five levels to choose from!  I can't help but love how easy it is for her to use on her own while I am busy helping someone else.

Please feel free to jump on over to the Read Naturally website for more information on their many products geared towards making reading occur naturally!  They offer the tools to make every child a better reader! I can't help but love their tag line: Better Tools. Better Readers. Brighter Futures.  And, please jump on over and like Read Naturally on Facebook!

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