Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Little Passports - Brazil

The other day we got a couple packages in the mail and Gator was so thrilled and excited to open them.  We got a Kiwi Crate and Little Passport!  These are the two monthly subscriptions I thought the kids would love.  

I wanted to LOVE Little Passports. I love the idea. The concept is fantastic....but I am not sold.  This month we received the items in the above picture (minus the actual box because that came in first month's box).  There was a letter from Sam and Sophia, a photo of a monkey, a sticker to put in their passport, suitcase and map and an amethyst also known as a rock.  The boarding pass also was included and allows you to go online for additional materials.   

Well....we found Brazil on the map.  We worked on the worksheet that it comes with -- just a word scramble, word search and hidden picture. It was so boring that we both fell asleep on the floor doing it. Yes....Little Passports is that good.

Maybe I was having a bad day?  So, I waited a day and then tried the boarding pass and went online. There are three games.  The first is a quiz about Brazil...well, seeing as they didn't give us all that much information the little "quiz" is a bit difficult...also seeing as my kid reads at a grade 2 level and not 4/5 its difficult.  The second "game" is actually a game where you can kick the soccer ball and see who scores more you or the computer. The game is pretty lame...yup, I said it.  You can click on the right or left side...there are only two spots to click.  Lastly, the third online option was a printable book.  I just decided not to print the book because I didn't think it was worth the ink in my printer.

I have decided to stop the subscription to Little Passports.  If you are looking for a good subscription box I cannot say enough about Kiwi Crate. I'm also trying out some other subscription boxes which I will keep you posted with.  And, if you are thinking but Little Passports is such a good is but for nearly $13.00 I couldn't justify just getting a photo of a monkey and a rock.  Please check out our other ideas for learning about the world....Continent Bags (idea seen over at the Counting Coconuts Blog) and Postcard Exchange (through Postcrossing).  We love Postcrossing!!!

That's the end of this review....please make your own decision about this program. This was only my opinion.  I really love the idea of subscription boxes and in order for us to afford to try other boxes I needed to cut this.

Does anyone else have thoughts about Little Passports?  Did you love it or hate it?

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