Tuesday, July 2, 2013

We love our STRIDER bike!

We have been trying so hard to enjoy these beautiful summer mornings before the heat hits hard at lunch.  Almost every morning the kids have been outside playing with scooters, riding bikes, blowing bubbles, riding the jeep, playing with sand and water, bouncing balls, making masterpieces with chalk on my driveway and patio....they love being outside. 

Gator learned how to ride her bike without training wheels when she was 5.  Peanut has been asking a lot almost every single day since "when is Daddy going to take off my training wheels".  I never really knew how to answer that question.  I figure if I pull the training wheels off I'm not putting them back on and then she can't use the bike until she figures it out....but she's Peanut...and well, that says it all.

My friend, Lisa, who homeschool her kids had a couple strider bikes.  My kids loved them.  Not just Peanut but Achoo and Gator, too!  We had to get one. It is fought over used all the time.  It's actually pretty cool - I've tried it!


The bike is super light weight and is used for balance and coordination.  It gives them the confidence they need to ride a bike. You can read more about it here.

If you are interested in a bike -- I highly recommend Wheelie Pops a local San Antonio distributor. You can e-mail them here.  Seriously...it's awesome.  And, they have some great prices through the local distributor!  

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Jenifer @ Not Quite Mom of the Year said...

How have I never seen this before???? This is possibly the greatest idea I have ever seen. My seven year-old has learned to ride a bike and now, just like Peanut, my 4 year-old wants her training wheels off. I am in the same position you are, so I am so grateful you posted this. We are definitely getting a strider bike!