Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thrive Art - Oh, I just love Art!!!!!!

 (This review was written by me for Thrive Art.  This blog may contain affiliate links.)

I wrote a blog post called Thriving with art Thrive Art last month where I reviewed the beginning art program for Thrive Art.  I loved it.  My kids loved it. Our friends loved it.  I could just not stop myself -- I had to shout it from the roof top...this program is AMAZING!

I am back again but this time with a review for the next level of their art program - Intermediate Art.  

This level is geared for students ages 6-12 with some formal art experience or those that have completed the Beginner Art Program. It contains three oil pastel lessons and three water color lessons.  Each lesson is about thirty minutes long though I suggest you allot yourself closer to an hour for each class.  The time needed is slightly longer because at times you will need to pause the program to continue to add your special touches to the design.   Similar to the Beginning Art program each class contains educational information about the subject.   The classes you'll complete in this level are: Ocean Octopus, Water Lily, Lion Portrait, Sailing Ship, Turtle Textures and Imaginary Trees.   When you order the Intermediate Program you'll be able to do these classes over and over again.  You'll need just a few supplies at home - paper, a black pen, oil pastels, water colors and masking tape.    Now, with that you are good to go!  
Let me tell you now about our experience!!!

I sat Gator down at the table and handed her the oil pastels that we had. Nothing fancy just Crayola Oil Pastels that we had in our art cabinet (a birthday gift last year - I think amazon or maybe Target?).  She listened to Theresa and got right to work.  The drawing itself is done with the same black pen and paper that you use in the Beginning Program.  The actual lesson is a little more complex but not overly difficult.  While we had a few times we had to "replay" a section I am excited to share with you her first oil pastel!  Because of the time we had a quick "replay" I definitely see the importance of using the beginning program first.  Starting with the beginner program definitely builds confidence but also teaches you step by step about lines and texture.  I have been asked a lot about this program and definitely think even within the beginning program its best to start with some of the beginning lessons - fish and bird compared to the dragon. 

After Gator completed her Octopus she begged for the additional lessons....(last week's art is below):

And....then this week we worked on watercolor (with her new watercolors she received for her birthday).  She loved the lesson so much and was so proud of her work.  She wants to frame the picture of the ship and give it to her Uncle Josh since he likes big boats.  I know I'm her Mom...but I seriously think its a great gift and will look amazing hanging anywhere!

Here is the Water Color Turtle.  She loved this one.  It actually is a bit complex since after you draw the turtle you draw little designs on the shell.  She spent so much time drawing inside the shell and making sure everything looked perfect. Then, she wanted to make sure she had colors that matched Theresa's because she thought it was the most beautiful turtle she had ever seen!  I'm sure in the next couple days she'll be painting more turtles and will be exploring many different colors!
A few months ago Gator loved to draw, doodle and she loves ART.  She talks about the shapes of the lines, the shading and basically gives me a little art lesson each time she shows me her art.  This program has given my daughter the confidence to draw so many different things.  It is the gift of art.  She can do the lessons over and over and over again.  We can also do "art playdates" or use this as part of our homeschool curriculum.  

I cannot help but tell you how amazed I was with the Intermediate Program!  You can get your own copy to try by signing up at Thrive Art.  If you sign up before July 31, 2013 you will receive the promotional price of $79.99 (regular price $99.99!).

If you have any questions please feel free to ask!  I hope you try this program and love it as much as I do...oh, and I really wanted to do a pro/con list in the review but I honestly can't think of any "con" to add. I love the entire thing --- as do my kids!!!

Be on the lookout for more THRIVE ART photos!


The Austin Family said...

So, did she go through all the beginning lessons before this? Those are SO GREAT! I have been desperately wanting to add in some real art lessons but just can't make up my mind with all the different options out there. I hadn't heard of this before, so thanks for sharing! I will have to look at it! Is it $99/child or household?
Thanks for the review!!

Home Is Where They Send Us said...

Yes, she completed the entire Beginning Art Program (6 lessons). The cost is $99.00 a household but before July 31 its $79 :) You can do the classes over and over and over again. It works great for us and never expires. You can do the free two week trial of the Rainbow Fish lesson. But you only get that one lesson for two weeks. When you purchase the program you can have the program forever;)