Monday, July 15, 2013

Solar Oven Crayons

Last month I was on a SOLAR OVEN kick...what could I make, do, invent in the SOLAR OVEN?  First, we made smores - you can see that here.  I also tried to melt cheese, warm bread and cook a hotdog. These were all ok.  

My last solar oven project was solar oven crayons!  

We seem to always have a ton of dull crayons. I don't like dull crayons. For whatever reason I love sharp, perfect, brand new crayons.  

I hate to admit that when the crayons start to dull I toss them in some random box and forget about them.  Or, like those random crayons that come with coloring books or from restaurants...they all get tossed into the random box.  

A few years ago I tried to melt my own crayons.  I learned some interesting things from that project.  

1. You should use containers you don't care about. 
2. Don't use regular muffin tins as you can't get them out. 
3. Don't spray the muffin tin with PAM (crayons won't work).

So, I'm like the expert on crayon melting, right?  I knew what NOT to do...and it worked once I had figured it out.  Now, I'm going to do the experiment in the solar oven.  All I needed to do was exactly what I did for the conventional oven and toss it in the Solar Oven outside and wait.

The kids started peeling the crayons...


We put them in the container.

Placed them in the solar oven.
Waited some more.
Had a push-pop.
Waited again.
Started the BBQ.

And, finally decided that after nearly 3 hours in some crazy Texas heat (90+) this project was a fail.  I even brought them inside put them in the stove and it still didn't work.

My "why this failed theory" was that the crayons were a mixture of crayola and cheaper crayons.  The crayola crayons melted right away but the dollar store and restaurant variety never did completely melt!

Here it the completed project (see the non melted crayons):


Elizabeth said...

OH!! This is awesome. We must try it once the rain goes away and the Texas sun comes back out to play :) Thanks for the idea!

And thank you very much for stopping by my blog!

debilee said...

Love the experiment! Neat outcome. :)