Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Playin' with water...July's KIWI CRATE!!!

Last month I was able to review Kiwi Crate on my blog. The kids had so much fun doing all the projects. It wasn't just about fun art and science projects but about everything they LEARNED while doing them! I couldn't help myself and immediately signed up for the monthly subscription!!!

Now, just this past week our July KIWI CRATE came!  The kids were so excited to see the mail and even more excited to rip it open and start on the projects!  I decided to sign up for the box with one sibling add on! It's a perfect for the girls!

This month the Kiwi Crate projects are all water themed!  It is part of the Camp Kiwi summer box collection!  And, just like last month the box came packed full of activities!  It has everything I need to do all the art projects!

What are the projects in this months crate?  The three info booklets are titled my floating sailboat, my water color animals and wonders of water!

We started with "my floating sailboat".  It is a pretty easy project that came with three sails (each).  The kids took some paint (supplied by the crate) and made all sorts of fun designs.  We had to wait for it to dry and they were able to assemble the boats.  Guess what they float....I forgot to take a photo of it!   It floats though, really!!!  The kids sat at our water table and blew the boat back and forth. Last night the took it with them to the pool.  I'm sure that's just what every parent at the pool wanted to see my ridiculously cool kids with these awesome sailboats at the neighborhood pool. You know then every kid is like "I want one of those!"

The next project we tackled was "my watercolor animals" and boy was this messy so fun!  Each kid got four pieces of paper shaped like an animal.  They got markers (yes, supplied by Kiwi Crate...seriously EVERYTHING you need is in the crate) and colored on the paper - oh, they even had a mess mat for under the animals!  Yup, those are some smart Mom's creating these crates!!  Ok...back to the project.  They colored in the animals and then took the spray bottles and got them all wet. They watched the colors from the markers blend together and make some amazing designs!  Once they were dry we put on some awesome googley eyes (also in the crate) and voila - adorable sealife!

In addition to the animals they also provided extra paper to cut and design your own shapes and animals.  Or, you could use it to do another project (that we have not yet done) where you watch the water move up the paper to make a fun design!

The watercolor project had extra suggestions, "Use your paper to experiment with different ways of mixing colors.  Try drawing different colored circles or making a pattern of stripes. When you spray the paper with water, how do your different designs look?" We tried this and then Peanut answered the question, "They look AMAZING Mom AHHH MAZING!"  It also gave you some use this color and this color and get this color...plus, what cool colors and designs can you develop?!  Oh...and the boat project had extra paint and they suggested different projects to do with your leftover paint.  The girls decided they are going to use the paint to make vases for their new room!

Wonder of Water Kiwi Crate Project

The last booklet called wonders of water had some fun projects that really excited my kids.  The kids learned how water evaporates and they did a small project to go along with it.  Another project was how to make a heavy brick of clay float?

You have to turn that heavy brick of clay into a boat...and uh, it could take you a bit but it does work!  We then watched the boat float around in our bowl of water!  Peanut loved (and I'm not sure why this was her favorite) this little eyedropper that you fill with water and squeeze on a penny, one drop at a time.  You continue to put the drop on top of the other drop and see how they combine into a bigger drop.  How many drops can you put on the penny without the water spilling...well, Peanut managed 10!

If you think that's all the projects -- you are wrong! You just need to jump on over to Kiwi Crate Explore More Water for additional materials, projects and books to enjoy!  We have some extra materials left from our project to enjoy these again in a couple weeks!

Interested in trying Kiwi Crate use THIS LINK for $10.00 off your first box!!!


debilee said...

I loved those sea creatures! What a great idea those crates are. I love kits like that. (...I still wish I would have homeschooled my kids earlier on in their ages - you all have some way cool stuff these days!) LOL

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness ... my kids would love the KIWI Create. I am pinning this to be able to find it again. You splashed me happy today.

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