Wednesday, July 10, 2013

McKenna - A Children's Museum Review

The McKenna Children's Museum in New Braunfels, TX is a pretty cool place to celebrate your third birthday!  Take a peak and see what we explored on Achoo's 3rd Birthday when I took the kiddos to play.  

A little info -- the museum is located in New Braunfels. It isn't too far from San Antonio or Austin.  It is an adorable little town.  The museum is open Monday thru Saturday from 10-5.  The parking is in a lot right near the museum - though, it does fill up fast.  The price of admission varies between $5.50 and $7.50 per person - children 12 months and younger are free!  Family memberships are offered (priced between $100-$165.00).  This museum is not affiliated with ACM.  If you have a museum pass that is ACM affiliated you can check out San Antonio Children's Museum or Austin Children's Museum.

What do they have to offer?

The museum is very open and incredibly clean. They are well staffed with people interested in helping you with anything you could possibly need. 

When you first walk in you'll notice there are a few exhibits in the middle of the museum. This includes a pretty cool little toddler area that has a train, kitchen and some small soft blocks.  They have a house you can attempt to build, a camp site and a bat cave also located in the center of the museum.  

Around the edges they have a small house, grocery store, bank, doctor area and a few other exhibits.  

There is an art room with painting, coloring, face paint and small sensory bins. They provide smocks for painting. There are two hand washing stations.  It is open til 4pm daily.  I'd recommend going here first so you have time to let your painting dry before leaving!

Outside you'll find a large water table, fun climber, music area and building yard.  

If you go to this link you'll be directed to their mailing list. If you join the mailing list they'll keep you posted with their daily activities. They have fun (and free) programs everyday like "Tasty Tuesday". They also offer summer camps, holiday camps and sometimes movie nights on weekends!

Now...for my review!

If I remember correctly this museum was the first museum I visited when we arrived here in Texas two years ago.   I was bummed they did not have a reciprocal membership with other ACM museums (which would mean I would have been able to get in free!).  I bought a membership since it was close by.  We went several times the first year but Gator (who wasn't even 5 at the time) really seemed to lose interest.  Especially since we have a lot of these toys at our own home - train table, water table, doctor kit, kitchen.  

The museum is geared towards young, young, young kids.  I think the majority of the people here have kids 18mo-3yrs.  You will see some older kids but normally its more little kids.  The museum has always been a fast visit for us...never more than 90 minutes.  

I think McKenna is a fun place to visit if you have little kids (preschool and under) but if you have school aged kids you will have a better time at the San Antonio Children's Museum and definitely the Austin Children's Museum (both of which are affiliated with the ACM and can get your in free if you are already a member elsewhere)!  While it definitely is not my favorite place we did have a fun time celebrating Achoo and his 3rd Birthday here at the museum!!

If you're going to go to McKenna please check out Groupon for a great deal on tickets - it is currently $15.00 for 4 tickets!

Oh -- and here's the picture of the A-Crew on Achoo's 3rd Birthday!  

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