Monday, July 29, 2013

Happy SEVENTH Birthday!!!

I was blessed more than I would ever realize 
years ago today. 
I was given this amazing gift
- a sweet baby girl -


This month has been a blur with our move but today we put all that aside and CELEBRATED her!  She had a huge list of things she "wanted" to do for her birthday and unfortunately there are just not enough hours in a day to do them we picked the one we needed to do while we were still here in San Antonio - SEA WORLD!

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It was just a short trip to Sea World since it was so ridiculously hot outside today but a fun trip none the less. The kids got a chance to ride the Shamu Coaster, the Carousel, the Fish Twister....and play in the big Splash area.    After Sea World we rested a bit and then went to Red Robin for dinner.  Do you know we have celebrated every single birthday of hers at Red Robin? That wasn't really planned but it today, Red Robin.  She wanted them to sing to her so they did with this Mile High Mud Pie....though the waiter asked her name and age then proceeded to say she was 11 and not 7.  Whoops!

I can't help but think back to the day seven years ago when I first held her in my arms.  The day my life changed for the better.  I think of all the milestones we had...the funny times...the firsts...and then I realized...I miss her being a baby but I am so excited about her many more funny times, lots more firsts...and tons of fun.

Six was an amazing year.  She happily welcomed our newest little A into the family.  She started and completed 1st grade and thanks to Sonlight we had tons of fun with it.  She  tested in the Spring and scored extremely well.  She continued to do gymnastics and swimming.  She competed USAG Lv 2 this past fall.  Now, she's on the USAG Lv 3 team now (the old Lv 4) the level system changed so this past year she actually jumped TWO levels!  She finished the swim program this Spring at our local swim school....she got the biggest trophy and was so proud!!!  She visited with family when they came to visit us here in Texas and we even got to vacation to Disneyland in April.

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1st competition of 2012 season:
IM @ swim:

She loves to play with Polly Pockets, Pet Shops, American Girl dolls (and her cousins).


She loves art. Watching movies. Reading good books (thanks again, Sonlight).  She's looking forward to our move -- new and old friends, more gymnastics, more swimming, a big backyard, a new room....I can't help but love this kid more every second of ever day.  I am so blessed.

My blogging goes in waves...but its times like today that I realize this is why I love blogging and need to not forget to blog special times.  Enjoy these links.  You are TWO.  You are FOUR (and FOUR again). You are FIVE.  (and FIVE again?) Sorry, I can't find three and six....

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NuthinLikeGatorMama said...

OMG. I hate that our babies grow so fast!!!
Once you're settled in , will you play along with me??

See you SOON!!!