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Blue Manor Preschool - a review and COUPON!

This Blue Manor Homeschooling post was written by me on behalf of Blue Manor Homeschooling.  All opinions are mine.

I was given the opportunity to review Blue Manor Preschool and Kindergarten curriculum and I am excited to share with you my thoughts on the Preschool program today!!! (Please check back soon for my Kindergarten Review)
homeschool curriculum

Blue Manor Preschool is an online e-book that you can purchase at the Blue Manor homeschool store. It costs only $39.99 and is an instant download.  If you are looking for a program for your young child or a supplemental program this might be a good route for you to take.

The preschool program is broken down into several sections:  Bible Story, Character and Etiquette, Colors and Concepts, Mathematics, Phonics/Reading, Seasons and Weather.  All of these topics are things that your child would learn if enrolled in a Christian Preschool.  But, I promise you enrolling your child in a Christian Preschool would cost you far more than $39.99!

homeschool curriculum
I started first by opening the Quick Start Guide.  It basically gave me a feel for how the curriculum should be used.  I immediately opened up the Teaching Handbook and printed it off so I had a hard copy.  I then printed off parts of the other subjects (I like hard to feel things with my hands and not just see things on the computer) but I opted to not print all because there are a lot of pages.  

I spent quite a bit of time looking at the Character and Etiquette.  This is where I struggle since I have four little children.  This preschool curriculum gave me some great easy ideas for character building.  I liked that it provides me with some Responsibility Charts and a fun printable book about social etiquette.  

There are many levels of Character Building and you work on the first level until you have received the desired result from your children before you move to the second, etc.  As I was reading the beginning I was unsure how I would feel about this section.  I love it and could not wait to implement this into our days. We tend to struggle the most on "alone time".  It is not nap time but a period of time during the day when give them some things to do and they play quietly with these few items.  I know this will come in handy when I'm trying to teach certain kids and have one on one time but not have chaos from all the others in the background.  

This preschool program teaches colors, shapes, letters, numbers, phonics and basic reading, bible memorization and character building.  I was very impressed with how this program was but together.  It did not have a lot of worksheets but covered so many different topics.  They provide some great e-books that you could easily make printable books and flashcards.  I opted to laminate a few of them with my laminator (one of my greatest homeschool purchases). 

Overall, I enjoyed the Blue Manor Preschool program. I hope you'll consider using this curriculum this fall when you homeschool your little ones!  Please stop by the Blue Manor  Store and use code july10gift for a $10.00 gift card towards any book purchase. 

disclosure: This post was written by me on behalf of Blue Manor Homeschooling. I did receive the materials to review at no cost.

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