Sunday, July 28, 2013

Baby A is 11 months!!!

Last week Baby A turned 11 months.  I pulled out her "11 month" sticker so I could take some photos. I didn't have the camera charged so I placed it on the fridge.  Guess what - the movers packed it!!!  So, you've got pictures without the sticker. Vegas said I should just take the photos when we move...and I will...but for now...this is Miss A at 11 months!

What can I say about A4?!  She's such a different baby.  She has an amazing personality (not that the others don't but its different).  Baby A is so relaxed and likes to sit back and take it all in.  She loves to watch her brother and sisters...the dogs make her laugh...a big belly laugh!

She is 19 lb and 28''.  Her hair is brown and it appears to even have a little curl to it.   Her eyes...brown, too.  I tried so hard to use my genes but alas NONE of the kids have my eyes!  She is our littlest 11 mo old.  Normally by 6 months all of our kids have hit 20lbs.

UntitledShe loves her Daddy....and her Momma....she even says our names!  Of course, Daddy sounds like "Da" but "Da" also means dog and that.  Momma sounds like "Ma" but it also means more.  I'm a-ok with that!

She walks - without assistance! She is our EARLIEST walker!!!  She crawls at lightening speed, too!  She loves to play in the playroom with her brother and sisters.  Her favorite toys are the Roll and Roar Dinosaur, Discovery Toys Castle Marble (thing), Lego Duplo blocks and the wooden kitchen set.  I'm not sure who she likes to play with the most....I know she loves them all and at different times she seems so happy with each.

Baby A loves to eat.  She enjoys going to restaurants and people watching....oh, and sharing Peanut and Achoo's meals!!!  Her favorite foods are black beans, broccoli, carrots, guacamole, chicken, yogurt, macaroni and cheese and hotdog!

Here are some photos from this past week, ENJOY!


Oh, and yes, I realize that Peanut wasn't in the photos with baby A...I couldn't find any that I wasn't going to be using in another blog, whoops! :)

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Erika said...

i love that last photo!!!! she is so adorable! even though she isn't quite 20 pounds, she looks like a chub!!! :-) so precious!