Sunday, June 16, 2013

working on our writing skills...

This post is written by me and mentions Blue Manor Academy.

Part of Blue Manor Academy's Kindergarten program includes a handwriting program.  It teaches pre-writing and writing actual letters and numbers.  I wanted to start Achoo with some pre-writing materials so I figured this would be a great time to start.  

While I made dinner the other day the kids took the laminated sheets of "pre-writing" and practiced their writing.  

A2 taught A3 how to properly hold the marker and how not to write on yourself!

I was laminating these individually but then realized it would be more cost effective to do a front side and a back side. The purpose of laminating was so that I could easily wipe them off and the kids could do them over and over and over again -- and since they started doing them the other day...the kids have done them over and over and over again.  The best part is we were at the store and Peanut said "did you bring the red and green dot sheets for me to do?"  If you don't have a laminator jump over to Amazon and check out the Scotch Laminator. We love it and it works great. 

We also have some great Expo Dry Erase markers that are a variety of colors. For some reason kids don't love black.  Things are more fun with colors lots of them!!

Lots of different pages to practice on.

Wipes off easily...

It's a fun and easy activity...and Peanut gives it two thumbs up!

This was definitely a win-win-win project!  I'm currently in the process of doing a review for Blue Manor Academy Preschool and Kindergarten materials.  Stay tuned for some exciting posts!


Anonymous said...

do you have a document for these tracing sheets you can share?

Home Is Where They Send Us said...

They are actually part of the Blue Manor Academy curriculum. You can purchase the Kindergarten curriculum with a 30% off discount using coupon code theysendus30.