Monday, June 10, 2013

Thriving with Art (a review) -- THRIVE ART!

This blog contains a review of Thrive Art.  All opinions are mine.  

A month ago while searching the web I found this amazing art program called Thrive Art.  I was immediately sold.  I signed up for the free trial.  Then, I asked Theresa (the owner of Thrive Art) if it was possible for me to review this product on my blog.  I was given a full program to use and review and I am so excited to share this review with you!  You can view my previous post about Thrive Art here.

The first group of lessons has SIX cool thirty-minute lessons available.  You can learn to draw a rainbow fish, macaw, castle, dog inside dog house, airplane and a dragon.  You can do these lessons over and over and over again...

Gator has had a lot of fun with these classes and since they are attached to the internet (and I have 3G on the phone) it comes anywhere with us!  This past week she did the lesson at a friends house, the doctors office and the kitchen table!  She often asks to do them in the car, at the grocery store and out to dinner...but I'm not that great of a homeschool Mom - I don't have supplies with me everywhere!

We were over our friends house when the kids were all getting restless.  An easy solution - oh THRIVE ART!!!!  The kids all ran about getting paper, pens and markers. Quickly, they sat around the table and focused on the computer. My kids and their friends had a blast doing the art lesson (dragon) fact, they loved it so much they signed up for the classes, too!!!

Here is her finished dragon (well, not colored but drawn - this lesson is the most difficult one):

Another day, I had to take all four kids to the doctors office.  Do you know how painful this is?  Well, it wasn't painful at all this time!!!  Gator sat down with her pen and paper, the lesson was on my phone and she started to draw.  Peanut and Achoo watched her intently (waiting for their turn). I wanted to take more photos of her taking this class except since I take the photos with my phone and she was using my phone for the lesson it just didn't work out!  The doctor commented on how quiet and entertained she was....and how the others were entertained watching her. WIN!

She loves drawing the rainbow fish and the bird the, again sitting at the table drawing another Macaw! 

Today the other kids joined in the fun...Peanut rocked the sock monkey (found free on youtube):

And, Achoo helped out by coloring in the one I drew!

I just love this art program so much if I could shout it from the roof top I would!!!  It is amazing. The kids love it. If you are looking for something fun to do this summer please check out Thrive Art. Sign up for your free lesson and Theresa (the owner of Thrive Art) will e-mail you a $10.00 off code in a couple days!  More lessons will be available soon!!!  

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