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San Antonio with KIDS!

Have you ever planned to visit somewhere you have never been?  Do you jump on the computer and google "Stuff to do with kids in ... " and read the responses?

This past year I've done lots of research on many different places.  I find that often the information is out of date or there just is no information.  You know when we went to Disneyland this April I googled "things to do around LA for kids" I found "McDonald's and Chuck E. Cheese" - really people, really?

I'm hopeful that someday someone is going to google "Stuff to do with kids around San Antonio" and they find THIS post.  As a Mom of FOUR kids -- here's my list of fun things to do with kids around San Antonio! (Not in any special order)

My Fun Things With Kids in San Antonio List

Sea World - We have season passes here and love going in the spring, fall and winter.  The Cookies with Santa are AMAZING! We love going to see the seasonal decor.  We normally skip the summer months because it is so hot.  The water park (Aquatica) is an added charge and we've never used it so I cannot comment. The kids area at Sea World is ok but the rides often have longer lines and there are only a few actual rides. It's still a lot of fun to go and play.  The shows are the same as the Florida and California Sea World but the rides are a bit different.

Six Flags - This park has more rides for kids of all ages.  It also has a water park that can get crowded. It's a lot of fun though.  If you take part in the Read to Succeed Program you can get free tickets!

San Antonio Zoo - If you are looking for a zoo this zoo is a must.  We tried the Austin Zoo and did not like it.  

Kiddie Park-  An old fashioned carnival ride place.  It has about 6 rides that the kids can ride over and over again. It is small so you can see the entire place by standing in the middle.  We've gone a few times and had better luck in the late afternoon and early morning.  The weekends are often packed because of birthday parties.  If you want to check it out look for a good deal on groupon or amazon local.  I have not gone to Kiddie Park Pica Pica but it looks cool.

Quadrangle- There is no official page for the Quadrangle and when I googled about trying to find directions I had a really hard time finding it. Please check my blog post out to see the review and directions.

Wildlife Safari - The kids absolutely loved this place.  We have gone several times but not recently.  The best deal is to buy a season pass and go frequently...otherwise its costly.  If you have a pass you get two bags of food per car vs. just one bag of food (unless you buy more) regardless of how many people are in the car.  The safari has all sorts of animals including zebras, ostriches, llamas and donkeys (these were the four favorite animals of my kids).  You can drive through and then at the end get out and see the other animals and the small petting farm. They have a gift shop and also have a small cafe.  Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch is known for the twin giraffes just born Spring 2013!!!

Natural Bridge Caverns- This place is more than just caverns! It's beautiful. Plan to spend a little time here.  There is a lot to do with tours and experiences!!!  My kids loved when we went to mine for rocks.  See our post here.

Landa Park-  This is a huge park in New Braunfels.  It has a train, a few playgrounds and its definitely fun to go and walk around.  In the summer months they also have a pool and river swim area.  The train costs about $2.50 per rider.  Little kids aren't free.  If you are looking to just ride a train there are so many other places to go (see Morgan's Wonderland) but if you are looking for parks, picnic area, swimming and a train its a cool place.

Witte Museum - I'm adding this ONLY because its free on Tuesday PM.  

Lovecreek Orchard - This is a really, really cool place to get your apple products!!

Morgan's Wonderland - This place is great for everyone. The parks are shaded, you can ride the rides over and over again without getting off.  Please look at getting a punchcard since it is a very cost effective option!  They have some great events during the year.  There is a special Fourth of July celebration and they had a few Santa celebrations this year, too! The Santa Celebrations included free hot cocoa and cookies along with a visit with Santa and SNOW!!!  You can see our blog post HERE.

McKenna Children's Museum - This museum is located in New Braunfels. It is a nice museum but honestly geared towards younger children. I have often felt like my oldest was too old -- which is why I never renewed my membership (she's not even 7 yet).  It has small trains, a grocery store, an outdoor is a nice museum but its not ACM affiliated.  I've been to many, many, many children's museums and while this museum is nice and clean its not in my favorite or top 3.

San Antonio Children's Museum - This museum is located in San Antonio down by the Riverwalk.  I don't tend to go here since I don't like to drive into San Antonio and park with all the kids by myself.  All of my kids had a good time. It has reciprocity with ACM museums so you may be able to get in free. (We have a Boonshoft Pass so we could get in free).

Austin Children's Museum - I can't mention the above two museums and not mention Austin. I love Austin. This museum has reciprocity with other ACM museums -- we got in free! It is geared towards kids that are itty bitty up through school age. My kids LOVED it.  This museum is definitely in the top 3 Children's Museums I've visited. 

The Alamo - This is free, small but historical and a definite must do just to say, "I've been to the Alamo."

Tower of the Americas - Look on groupon for some great deals on this visit.  It's so pretty down by the tower.  They have a restaurant that is a little pricey but they do have cafe style food on the bottom level.

The Riverwalk - San Antonio is most known for its Riverwalk which is one of the most popular attractions in all of Texas (I read that on the back of a postcard!)  Definitely stop by and visit. There are lots of great restaurants and some shops down there too.  It's less busy earlier in the day but so fun to visit at night!

Enchanted Springs Ranch - This place is a lot of fun but you have to be sure to check the calendar as they are only open select weekends.  If you have a group to go with they may open during the week for a special visit.  It definitely brings you back to the feel of Old Texas!

The Wax Museum and Ripley's Believe It or Not - If you are military make sure you let them know! We got such a great deal on the tickets. We were able to see both for $10.00 a ticket!  We really enjoyed Ripley's and spent a good deal of time in here.  The wax museum was also nice but it was something we walked through a lot faster.

Toyota Texas has an awesome opportunity to tour the plant.  You have to reserve your spot a few weeks in advance.  It is open for kids age 6+.  They watch a movie and have a tour to see how the trucks are built.  It's a great experience! Everyone gets to wear a hard hat and have safety glasses.  My Dad and daughter went to this and had a blast!!

Please check back my other post San Antonio Eating with Kids :)  Lastly, what else do you think you should see and do with a kid in San Antonio --  let me know!

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Kim said...

We took our first two kids to San Antonio-loved it!! We would love to go back. We also visited Austin and the Bandera (I think?) area of the hill country.