Friday, June 28, 2013

Morgan's Wonderland

This past weekend we took the kids to Morgan's Wonderland.  I got all sad because I think its probably our last time going to Morgan's Wonderland until we come back to San Antonio (whenever that may be).  It is one of the most amazing places ever.  Morgan's Wonderland is an ultra accessible park that is built for EVERYONE to enjoy.  It's been visited by people all over the world since opening only a few years ago. 
 The park is built on I think 25 acres and in the middle they have an 8 acre man-made lake.  I'm trying to remember these facts from the train, I might be off.  There are several shaded play areas.  A few have big play structures that are even wheel chair friendly, slides, swings (kiddie, regular and wheel chair friendly), a huge sand box with diggers (both on the ground and table height) and close by is a small musical area....that's not all though!   They have so much more and all of this is included in the price of admission ---- which is FREE for special needs and kids two and under.
There is a train that rides around the entire park, carousel and jeeps to ride "drive" around a track.  Covered picnic areas are available to have your lunch. You can bring your own or buy lunch from their snack shop.  

When it gets hot you can go inside and play in a cool air conditioned "sensory" building.  Inside the sensory building they have a cool play grocery area, a car area, a TV station area where it appears that you are actually on television.  They have a room with screens that have butterflies and balls dropping -- I can't remember the actual name of the screens but the kids (and my husband) really enjoy them. They also have some pretend horses you can climb up on and rock.  I looked at them and they do have a special name but I can't remember it. There are some seats on the inside so you can even just sit and rest if need be.  If you need something else that's cool you can even stop by the gymnasium.   If you're looking for some relief outside they do have a massive water table area -- but its all tables not fountains.  Over by the lake you can play with the remote control boats or take your turn fishing.   

Peanut absolutely loves this place...Achoo and Gator too.  We spent a lot of time in the sand area.  The kids climbed all over the climbers, played inside, rode the jeeps and the carousel and of course the train.  It was tons of fun and is most definitely worth the price of admission.  The best part is Morgan's Wonderland is never so crowded you can't have a good time.  The people that work there (many volunteers) are all so friendly.  The ride operators are very good with kids and often let them just continue to ride as much as they want...and the longest line we've had to wait in was maybe three minutes!!!
They are also celebrating their 2nd Annual 4th of July Salute to Heroes this week on July 4th.  If you don't have plans you should stop by and check it out! We went last year and it was a lot of fun.  It's $8.00 per person for military and first responder families.  Kids age 0-2 and special needs are always free!!  Also, you can check out the special "Mom coffee days" for $15.00 family admission.  It's run every 1st and 3rd Friday starting at 9am. (Other good options include the family punchcard -- which is what we do!)

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