Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday, Monday...

Today I was blessed to be given the opportunity to mark off one of my 30 while 30 events.  I learned to make amazing cookies.  This was a very difficult task.  And, I've decided I'm going to guard the secret of how to do it with my life...well, I may teach the kids but yes I won't be blogging any "how to make awesome cookies". 

Instead I'll show you a photo...

And, just remember I JUST learned today how to make these.  So, I'm very beginner. I do know that I will be making more this week and probably some for Achoo's actual birthday.  They are delicious.  Want to try some? I'm not selling them but you can buy them from the amazing Buttercream Blessings.  Not local to San Antonio? No fear...she can ship them!!!  We have personally shipped them all over!  They make a great gift!

The one problem with the cookies is they aren't fast.  You have to make the cookies, wait for them to cool, frost them and wait for them to dry.  It doesn't sound like it's that long but let me tell you when you are a kid you cannot wait.  You know how I know this?  Because my kids asked me no short of a billion times, "Can I have a cookie nowwwwww?" and I kept saying, "They need to dry first."  And just a mere two or three moments later they'd come and say, "Are they dry?"  

Thankfully...prior to making these delicious cookies I took a pitstop to the local Starbucks and got myself the most delicious thing ever...a Coffee Frappuccino.  Oh, and the good news...well, sort of is that its significantly less calories than I guessed...though still many more than just water.

I got in my happy place thanks to Starbucks and the kids got in their happy place thanks to a little time outside before it got too hot.

Special thanks to Melissa of Buttercream Blessings for teaching me how to make these amazing cookies.  She totally helped me mark off a "30 while 30" but at the same time managed to make it ridiculously difficult to mark off "lose 15 pounds".  Ha!  

Hope you all had a Marvelous Monday!!!


Lisa Coleman Boutilier said...

They look fabulous! Great job!

Andrea Huard said...

Those cookies look delish and beautiful!! You'll have to teach me when you get here. ;)