Monday, June 24, 2013

Kid Friendly Eating in San Antonio

Yesterday I wrote a post about Kid Friendly Activities and how sometimes you never really know where to look.  I find that is true about food, too.  I mean, you want to go out to dinner and have a nice meal but you want the kids entertained.  How do you know where can you go?  When you google things there are a lot of different options that pop up but for some reason it always seems like it's McDonald's or Burger King. Let me tell you here in San Antonio there is a LOT of KID FRIENDLY EATING.  

Kid Friendly Eating In & Around San Antonio, Texas:

Momak's - This burger place is pretty darn cool.  It boasts 8000 sq ft of fenced-in enjoyment.  You can eat outside on the deck while the kids play.  There is a toddler play area and a bigger kid play area AND a turf where all the kids can run around and play.  We went there during the week and it wasn't too busy.  The prices seem reasonable and there are plenty of options on the menu. Instead of doing kids meals here I opted for the basket of burgers and the basket of fries. It ended up being a cost savings.

La Cabana -  It's San Antonio and Mexican places are on every corner...but only a few places have the atmosphere of La Cabana. You can sit on the deck and enjoy live music while the kids play in the fenced in yard.  I'm not sure how large the yard is but it has a huge play structure with two slides and plenty of open area to run and play.  This is a favorite of ours.  The prices are incredibly reasonable and they offer a military discount. It's about five minutes from Randolph AFB.

La Hacienda - Another Mexican place but a bit further from Randolph AFB.  This place has excellent food and a great play area. It has a large eating area inside and the deck outside is amazing. It is definitely a step up from La Cabana.  The prices are a little higher than La Cabana but the deck is much larger, live music on the weekends and a play area that has something for everyone.  The downside is that you cannot always see the play area depending on where on the deck you are seated.  

The Cove - We really enjoy this restaurant and have gone several times.  It has a great back patio that overlooks the play area. The food is local and organic....oh, and DELICIOUS!!

Purple Garlic - I think the name is so funny...but the food is delicious.  I wish I knew about this restaurant sooner. On Wednesday and Saturday kids eat free with the purchase of an adult meal. They have GLUTEN FREE options.  They do offer a military discount.  The back patio is fabulous as it overlooks a gigantic sand box that is going to keep your kids entertained for hours!  The prices are so reasonable and the food is delicious -- you can't not go here! It's close to Kiddie Park, the Zoo and the Witte Museum so stop on by after you go play!

Big Lou's Pizza - There is no play area here but I still must add this to the list. My kids had a fabulous time here and loved the gigantic pizza.  This pizza place was on Man vs Food.

Another Man vs Food restaurant is LuLu's cafe - it is a fun place to go for breakfast and enjoy their gigantic cinnamon bun.  You'll need to bring your whole family to finish this cinnamon bun!!

Chacho's and Chalucci's - This is a 24 hour place and offers both Mexican and Pizza. It's kind of an odd combo but it works.  They have a huge playscape on the inside -- I'm not sure I can tell you how huge it is but its bound to keep your kids entertained and quite possibly lost for hours!  They have tables right near the play structure so you can sit back, relax and snack/eat while the kids play.

BigZ Burger Joint - This place is delicious! There are actually two locations. We have been to the one on 1604 a few times (its close to North Central Baptist). It has a big open area out back to let the kids run and play.  The burgers are amazing and they have some fabulous milkshakes!  I can't comment on their salads but the burgers and dogs are fabulous!  

Some additional places I'd like to mention that are chains but provide entertainment:

Incredible Pizza Company - This pizza place has a buffet, arcade, mini bowling, go karts and more!  You can often find some coupons if you join their e-mail list. They do offer a military discount.  And, they have gluten free pizza!

Joe's Crabshack - I haven't actually been to Joe's Crabshack here in San Antonio since 2003 BUT I can tell you that it offers an outside play area.  I believe there are a few different locations to choose from.

Sea Island Shrimp House - This chain offers both seafood and non-seafood items.  There is a small play area outside.

Also, while you are in San Antonio you'll still find play areas at McDonald's, Burger King, Chic-Fil-A, Chuck E. Cheese, Peter Piper Pizza....but why go here when you can go to any one of the above mentioned restaurants?

I realize I missed many restaurants that are kid friendly that did not have a play area - Chipotle, Red Robin, Chuy's (to name a few) and plenty that have great atmosphere (like those on the Riverwalk).  Let me know if there is something I missed....or if you have a review about one of these places feel free to leave a comment!!

Check out my other post on "things to do with kids in San Antonio"! Enjoy!


Cindy said...

This post is going to be so helpful to us next time we are in San Antonio! With 2 kiddos age 4, having a play area for dinner is practically a necessity if we eat out!

SophieJP said...

Two Brother BBQ off west avenue is a great kid friendly place! They have indoor seating and tons of outdoor seating with a play area. I love it there!