Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It's all just stuff.

I keep checking the countdown clock. I'm losing days.  I am not sure where they are going but wow the time is coming fast.

We are still in prep mode here.  Since we own this house we are making sure everything we can do gets done.  I'll blog about this later.  I've been sorting and boxing some of our stuff to separate things already and tossing...lots and lots and lots of stuff.

My new mantra - its all just stuff.  I kind of had to develop that as my new thing since last move was just horrible. The movers broke or damaged every single thing...the crib, the front loader, the drier, the kids toys, the kids bed, our bed, the entertainment center, our dresser...it just goes on. In fact, I don't think there was a room that didn't have at least one broken item.  I'm not sure what I was bummed most about being broken but for Vegas he was devastated about our chip and dip bowl.  

We think the big issue was not necessarily the movers but the fact it went in storage.  This go round we are going to do everything we can to avoid storage...we need no more huge claims of thousands of dollars...and the hours of time it took to actually file the darn thing! 

It is pretty simple.  This move, like the others, anything that really matters to me I will be bringing with me:  photo albums, computers/electronics, baby's first blankets, coming home outfits, cameras, all our files (bills, manuals, tax information, licenses, documents)...and obviously the kids and dogs.

So...like I said...it's all just stuff.  They'll touch it, move it, most likely break it...but its stuff. It can be replaced.  The lesson?  What matters the most bring with you...!  What else should I have with me in the car?  

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Erika said...

I learned this lesson in a fire long ago - when I lost everything I owned, but nothing important because I escaped with my LIFE! So yes- you've got the important things down. A chip and dip bowl can be replaced - I bet you can find the same one on Ebay! LOL!