Thursday, June 13, 2013

Enchanted Springs Ranch

We had time this past week to mark off another "Texas Bucket" item.  Actually, I do not think I ever got around to putting it on the bucket list.  It's called Enchanted Springs Ranch.  The homeschool group here had a field trip in April to visit it. I was all signed up to go and then I had two sick kids and had to miss it. I was so completely bummed.  

The Ranch is open on weekends but does special field trips for homeschool groups, school groups, scouts, etc during the week (or whenever works for that group).  It is open to the public most weekends during the nicer weather!  

It took us just under an hour to get to the ranch located in beautiful Boerne, TX.  It is known as an old west theme park (I'm not sure why they call it a theme park though) but its really more of an old west town from the 1800's.  There is lots of dirt, lots of bugs...but its lots of fun!  The price is very reasonable (and if you go with a school group its even more reasonable)! 

There is a Sheriff in town - oh, how I wish I got a photo of the kids with him - he was hilarious!  You can take a covered wagon ride through the property...its beautiful and you learn a lot about the history of Texas, the animals, the Wild West...they also have a puppet show and a Pistol Packing Paula show!

The kids enjoyed playing in the kid friendly wild wild west playground.  We missed the giant long horn cattle (kids under 130 pounds can sit on him and get their photo taken -- talk about an amazing TEXAS opportunity).  They also had pony rides later in the afternoon (missed those too!).  

Oh and for $5.00 the Sheriff will come arrest someone in your party and lock them in jail. Or, you can just put them in jail yourself and take a photo.  The money goes to the rescued animals residing on the property.

I would recommend this place to anyone looking to learn more about Texas, show the kids what the world use to look like or just have fun.  

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