Thursday, June 13, 2013

A trip to the Witte Museum

Today I took the kids to the Witte Museum.  And, I am going to apologize in advance for this brutally honest post.  Let me start by saying its just my opinion.

I saw on some sign off the highway or maybe a commercial on TV that the dinosaurs were at the Witte Museum.  Little man likes dinos.   I don't want to use the word love because there are cooler things than dinos...Cars, Spider-Man, Buzz Lightyear...but dinosaurs - they are cool, sort of.  And, I remember this one time we visited the Virginia Living Museum to see the dinosaurs when Gator was a wee-little one and it was then that she fell in love with the dinos (so in love that the following year we had a pink dinosaur birthday party).  That exhibit was so cool.  I was very hopeful that this exhibit would be that cool...mechanical, huge, robotic, awe inspiring...

I got into the Witte Museum with my Boonshoft Pass.  If you are like "what's a Boonshoft pass" let me tell you.  It's a museum pass that has reciprocal benefits at different museums.  The Boonshoft Museum in Dayton, OH has a membership that costs $125.00 and gets you into Science Centers, Zoos and Children's Museum all over the U.S. (check the above link for list of museums).  We have had a membership through Boonshoft for years.  You know what...I have NEVER been to the Boonshoft Museum (soon though)!

Ok, so the Witte Museum would have cost me (Gator, Peanut, Achoo and Baby A) $24.00 ($10 for adults, $7.00 for 3 and up).  PLUS, $5.00 per person for the dinosaur exhibit.  Today, I spent $15.00 instead of $39.  I am very, very, very thankful for that because...well, our visit lasted less than an hour.

The dinosaur exhibit was cool.  It was small, dark, loud but cool.  I wouldn't even say it was very educational (not a rant I'm going to go on today).

Achoo was always like five steps ahead of us. The dinos would move their heads up and down and make noise.  He kept saying "I'm talking to the dinosaurs" and "what's he saying".  He liked the way they moved...Peanut on the other hand could not stand it.  Gator was intrigued with the iPads they had around and a few of the "educational" exhibits like a quiz game, fossil and dinosaur call thing.

The iPads were located in front of the dinos and when you pointed them at the sign you could see the dinos walk (the ones on the iPad).

At the end of the exhibit they had a rubber dig for fossil thing.  What did I learn?  None of my kids will ever be digging for fossils. Rubber went flying into Achoo's hair, Gator swept a bit and said "people do this" and Peanut complained that she was getting dirty.  Oh, wait...Autz was happy the entire time!

At 10:15 - I'm not joking....seriously less than 15 minutes in the dinosaur exhibit we walked out into the regular museum.  They have a bunch of dead stuffed things. I tried to read the signs and talk to the kids about what things were but they were like, "Mom this is dumb".  And, I have to tell you for my kids to say really is dumb.  Normally they are loud but never have they ever said something was dumb.  

Below -- Achoo said, "its bleeding"...

This only got a photo because the kids said "Oh, a Buffalo like the book Grandfather Buffalo we like that book."

What's this -- Texas Wild Animals ALIVE?!  Could it be something that's not dead and stuffed??

Oh...a centipede that's huge...and a taranchula that is also huge...hmm...I could have lived without that!

I then took the kids outside...we wandered into the cabins, headed over the rock wall (it was closed), looked at the Treehouse and realized the other two times we went in there it was really we wandered back inside to the dinosaur exhibit where we had another fifteen minutes....took a potty break and then headed out to the car - it was 10:50.

I spent $15.00 for less than an hour at the museum with the kids.  I'm so very thankful I did not spend $39.  I'm even more thankful I didn't have to pay $5.00 for Achoo or $5.00 for Autz!  

The lesson?  The Witte is probably the most boring museum in San Antonio.  I'm really is.  I have been three times now.  I did not pay a dime the other two times (one I went to visit it with a friend and another time I took my Dad to see it) because of the Boonshoft Pass and today I paid $15.00 (special exhibit).  

Like I said at the beginning...this blog is just an opinion.  It's probably not been voted the most boring museum in San Antonio.  I'm just thinking there are so many other really amazing places to visit...don't feel like you're missing out if you never go.  Oh...but if you want to go...Witte Museum is free on Tuesday PM from 3-8pm (though, I've never checked it out then because I assumed that would be when people would go).

And, lastly, as comparison...the dinosaur exhibit at the Witte was probably as cool as the one at the Virginia Living Museum.  The catch was the additional exhibit at the VLM cost nothing so it was completely free and the kids enjoyed the rest of the VLM.  

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