Tuesday, June 18, 2013

(a review of) KIWI CRATE

This post is a review for Kiwi Crate. All opinions are mine.  This post may contain affiliate links that support our homeschool. Please look toward bottom for link to $10.00 off your first box!

I am so excited to share with you Kiwi Crate!  Have you heard of a Kiwi Crate? Well, until recently I did not even know what Kiwi Crate was...a crate full of kiwis (the fruit)?  No, Kiwi Crate is an amazing art, craft and science box delivered to your door!

The box is geared for kids ages 3-7.  Now, I'm going to be honest kids under 3 could probably do these activities with a little help from an adult.  (Achoo is just shy of his 3rd birthday and completed this project with minimal help from Dad.)  And, kids older than 7 may also be interested in the program...it just really depends on the kid.

This summer there are three fun crates that will excite your kids.  You can check out the summer discovery landing page here.  These boxes will be a great addition to your summer fun! 

Look at these kids above having fun with their Camp Kiwi boxes!!! And, look below for our experience!! 

The box arrives on your doorstep and the kids (well, mine anyways) got all excited.  They ripped it right open and thankfully all the small pieces were bagged!  I love that there was an info sheet showing the kids what was in the box.  We got the "Feathered Friends" crate so the paper showed: "my bird costume" and "my nest and eggs" project and on the back of that paper there was a cool color and cut out, along with a couple stickers.  Also, they had some neat little instructions books...and, what I really liked about those was at the bottom of the book it showed the mess level and adult involvement level.  In your first crate you also get a pair of scissors and a map on the inside to color and place your stickers!

Well, for the first project I went with the messier of the two options, My Nest and Eggs.  It was at night and my husband was home to help oversee things.  The kids were so excited to get started on their project!!  We pulled out all the supplies...they just came straight from the box. Every single thing I needed was in the box!  

We assembled a neat little work area for each kid.  Then, I held the book up and read them the directions one by one assisting where they needed it.  But, honestly, they didn't really need too much of my help.

The nests had to dry overnight...so, we put those aside.  The eggs, once painted, also had to dry.  

They even include a little thing with some cool facts about birds and nests called, things to think about.  I don't think I really thought anything about it when I flipped through the booklet at first but when I read it the kids started talking and talking and talking about birds and nests and ostriches and turtles.  No, turtles are not apart of this project but I did just read Peanut a story the other day (from A Reason for Handwriting) about turtles and how their Mommy digs a hole in the sand for the nest and leaves the eggs.  So, Peanut while she's busy painting her bird egg is talking about how sad turtles are when they are born because they never get to meet their Mommy and Daddy turtle.

I guess the real cool part of Kiwi Crate is that it is so educational even though you may not think painting paper eggs is educational the kids learned so much.  Today the kids at breakfast were talking about the nests and eggs and how they couldn't wait for them to be dry.  Then I heard all about the time we had a nest on our back porch and the baby birds hatched.  I also heard about the time we had angry birds on our back porch and the solution for no more birds nests above our back door...rubber snakes.  

After lunch when the eggs were dried and the nests were mostly dried I let the kids assemble the finished product.  Looks great, huh? We also took a game suggestion from the booklet and balanced the eggs on the spoon.  Wow, that wasn't as easy as I thought it might be.

So, let me tell you more about Kiwi Crate and not necessarily my experience.  It's a monthly subscription where you can buy 1, 3, 6 or 12 months at a time.  If you go the subscription route you get free shipping on your box.  You can also opt to buy boxes individually but you then don't get the bonus of free shipping.   There is no contract with the subscription service so at any point if you need to cancel you can do so with no extra charges. 

Each box is made for one child.  If you have more than one child (like me) you can simply do a sibling add-on.  The sibling add-on is double the project materials but shipped in the same box.  

The cost for each box is $19.95 a month.  The sibling add-on is $7.95.  At first I thought this might be a little on the expensive side. But, I'm going to be honest here...its not over priced at all.  After opening the box and using our projects I can say without a doubt: This is worth every penny. It has educational value which you will not find in the art projects at Target or Walmart (and cost the same if not more).  These are quality projects. I know if you sign up to try a box you'll love it just as much as we did.  

Please feel free to sign up using this link and you'll receive a $10.00 credit towards the purchase of your first box! That's like 50% off! 

I just can't say enough about this awesome company. Please feel free to look around Kiwi Crate at their other materials.  They offer mini crates, art supplies, birthday projects, gift subscriptions, etc!  You won't be disappointed!!!  

Disclosure:  I did receive a free crate to review.  I was not paid for this review. All opinions are mine. 

** Please look for more Kiwi Crate posts in the future ** My kids loved this so much we ordered!  They will be looking forward to their next crate in the mail soon!**


Becky W. said...

We have been receiving something similar, the Babbabox, for about six months and we ADORE the service. So far, my two have been able to split the one box, which has been awesome! :)

Skeethedge said...

Awesome review and great pics. I love the project you showed! How many projects come in one box? Did this box come with the eggs, nest, book, and more? (Just wanted to clarify, I might have read too quickly, it is rather late)

Home Is Where They Send Us said...

It comes with a second project of how to make a bird costume complete with mask and cape! That'll be on this weeks agenda and I'll add the photos of that too!