Tuesday, May 21, 2013

T o r n a d o . . . . .

This year for science we used Sonlight Science A.  I totally loved it and I'm excited to use Science B next year. We used lots of fun books each week and had a DVD to watch that also included science experiments.  

Weather was one of the things the kids learned about earlier this year....now, thanks to Fox News the kids have learned about the horrific tornado in Oklahoma.  We have talked a lot about in the past day about different kinds of weather, what makes a tornado and what you do in a tornado. 

Although we are done with Sonlight for this year, I am not done with homeschooling. Homeschooling never ends.  I am doing Math and Reading (and whatever else I so decide) throughout the summer. We will pick back up with our full curriculum after our move.

Today our science lesson involved watching the Magic School Bus Kicks Up A Storm.  (We own the entire series thanks to Amazon but if you do not own it and are interested in watching it please check this video from YouTube.)  

The girls sat and watched it...

and, little man did too!

We did not have any really cool projects to go along with it. I remember doing this as a kid but I'm lacking two soda bottles and the connector -- so obviously that would not work.  And, I found this link BUT I thought yeah too much work and Vegas would be like, "uh no".  

Instead, we watched The Magic School Bus, played around on this site from National Weather Service, watched a little TV and found our safe spot inside our home.  The kids also read a few other books we have Weather and Encyclopedia

Hope everyone has stayed safe in this severe storm...and I also hope your little ones were not too scared from the photos and videos of the Moore, OK tornado.  

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Erika said...

very cool! we love magic school bus here - I actually gave my set to a boy with autism from my dad's church and then went to rebuy it on ebay (to save a few bucks) - and I am still waiting to get it! Gah! I love all the homeschooling posts you're doing - very inspiring!