Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Potty Training....

Little man...well, he isn't so little anymore. He really, really, really needs to get his act together and start using the potty all the time.


I'm lazy.  He's lazy.  Daddy is lazy.  Yup, that's the problem.  I was all like "let's potty train" and he did great but then Daddy was like "it is ok for him to wear a pull up" and then Little Man is like "Oh, I can just use these again, sure" 

We thought a bribe was a good idea so when he finally pooped in the potty (he pees in it 80% of the time) Daddy took him to buy a "Matey" (Mater from Cars)  But once he had it well, yeah... this is what sits in our bathroom...

It's one of the things he REALLY wanted at Disneyland (oh, yeah I haven't posted about that trip yet must do that soon) but we did not let him get them.  Once he no longer uses any form of Pull Ups he can have these.

And you know what?  It might just work...he's been sitting in the bathroom looking at the package all day. "No more diapees" "Pee in potty" "Achoo no poo" 

I will keep you posted...who knows, maybe this bribery will work?  And, by no more diapers I mean no more not even at night. The kid stays dry at night...I think he's ready...the question is "Are we ready?"

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