Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Moving --- Party Time.

A couple years ago we moved from Virginia to Texas.  I was nervous how the kids would adjust to the move. I knew that they were still young BUT I also knew they would be leaving friends they saw frequently, activities they participated in, a home they knew and loved...regardless of age it is hard.

I wanted this move to be awesome so I thought back to this conversation I had with a friend ages ago.  She was a military brat and said the best thing about moving as a kid was knowing about all the great things you could see and do at the next place but also the party they had before they left!  Great idea!!

So -- tip of the week -- throw a party, do something amazing, make where you are right now incredibly special for the kids BUT have a plan of all the unbelievablely fascinating things you are going to do and see when you arrive at your next location!

We did just that when we left Virginia - I threw a "Good bye Party" at local jump house.  We had lots of kids, pizza and cake.  It was a ton of fun.  I wanted the girls to remember the friends they had so I took lots of pictures -- many of which still hang in our playroom.  I shake my head when I see pictures of these kids now and they have grown so much.  Also, part of the party deal was a free t-shirt from the jump place.  I bought a second one and had people sign these shirts.

This is a photo of the kids the day we left Virginia (wearing their shirts):

And, just last night Gator wore that shirt to bed...my how the kids have grown!  What a couple years can do!

Well..now that we are looking towards another move we are planning yet another going away party - sort of!  This time since the move falls around birthdays I am considering just doing a triple whammy (I think).  

But, that said...I'm looking for ideas -- so to all my ridiculously crafty, pinterest addicted, facebook and blog following friends -- what should be the kids going away "memory" item.  Should I do another shirt? Should I do a pillow case?  I want something that the friends can sign and my kids can look back and see it.

And wow...have my kids grown...

Little man (in this photo) is littler than Baby A is currently. He learned to crawl the first day in our home.  He really has grown into a little man here and that is probably what is one of the saddest and hardest parts of being military -- I do not have that one house that my kids all came home from the hospital to, hit all their milestones in, grew up in...but, I have a better story - I hope :)

Happy Move Season!


Erika said...

oh my gosh, this post made me teary! first - I love the idea of the party! I will have to brainstorm on that. I think the idea of doing a co-birthdays/going away is a fantastic idea. They HAVE grown so much!!!! Bawl!!! I know it's not the same - but because of Evan's job, we have moved a lot. Since Paprika was born, we have lived in three different cities and soon we will be in our fourth. All of my babies have been brought home to different houses - and we don't have one of those houses that they get to grow up in. It is what it is- but like you say, I hope we have a better story. Have you seen the growth chart I have on my wall? I love it - I had it engraved with our last name, and we take it with us wherever we go, and it grows up to 6 feet. So, I feel like that gives us kind of a touchstone. I will see if I can find the link to the place I got it. Also - I like the idea of doing a shirt OR I like the idea of doing a matte (sp) around a photo- so you have everyone sign the Matte and then put in an 8x10 photo of the party. YOu could just get the frame at Target or what not and hang it in our next house! And then each time you move, you could do the same. AND- maybe you could frame the first T-shirt or scan it and do a crafty framed photo with that, so you have that one as well. Not sure if this is making sense bc I am typing fast and have someone pulling on me! LOL!

Erika said...

so the place where I bought it doesn't make the growth charts anymore- but I do see a TON on etsy for $35 or $40. I love mine and it helps me when we have to move...

mum2abby said...

Great idea!! Yes I have thought about a growth chart maybe I should do that. We have this free one for Archer but its not the same.