Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Just keep swimming...

In my update on life post, I told you all about Gator's big accomplishment in March where she received the big gigantic trophy for the local swim program when she finished all the levels.  But, I wanted to come here and tell you about a lot of swim stuff that has been going on.  

Before I get too far along in this post I want to tell you that last week at our swim program was SAFETY WEEK.  As the summer is quickly approaching I urge you all to take some time to talk about water safety.  Drowning is the leading cause of death in children under age 4.  It is SILENT!  It can happen in SECONDS.  When you watch the water you must REALLY watch the water and your children AT ALL TIMES.  Do not use your iPhone, chat with a friend or think that your older kid will be able to watch your younger child.  You need to be the one watching.

Water safety is the reason that Gator has learned to swim so is the reason that all my children will take swim lessons.  Please read a blog post I wrote many moons ago.  Find it here.

Ahh...and now...that gigantic trophy...

We are all so incredibly proud of her swimming ability...look how cute she looked in her suit and cap...and if you read that other blog post - wow, has she grown!

There is a video of her last swim (IM).  You can watch it below...

Here is a photo of her with her coaches...

These coaches (and the others at the swim program) really have made such an impact in Gator's life.  They are part of her life.  She talks about them ALL THE TIME.  I cannot find enough words to tell you how wonderful this swim program has been for us.  

Earlier in the month of March she was able to swim a mile (she did this last fall, too!).  She was so proud of her accomplishment.  

She celebrated her mile swim with a Monster Milkshake from Red Robin.  YUM!  And, her friend C (who also swam the mile) came to dinner, too!

The other kids are also in swim...this should not be all about is Achoo's first swim lesson (November 2012). You'll see they are starting to teach him jump into the water, roll onto his back and shout HELP! 

And, here Peanut was learning how to do the Butterfly...(this video is from a couple months ago but she was working on the butterfly again recently too).

I don't have any great photos of Peanut or Achoo swimming so I will work on that over the next few weeks.  

Oh...and the best part about our swim program? The kids each have a "passport" so they mark off skills in each section.  Once they have marked off a level the child gets a little medal, ribbon, tattoo and they get the chance to ring the bell...I know, I know you're thinking that's not all that exciting but when you're little it is!  Here is Achoo's first time ringing the bell (this was about 2 weeks ago)!, that's all I have for now.   If you have read this whole blog - thank you!  And...remember be safe near the water!!!  Keep watching I will post more photos of the kids swimming this summer!!

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Erika said...

that is so great about those incentives!!! anything to get them motivated to learn and excel. our piano program has that - I wish our swim program did, too! I can't go back and read that post about Gator - I remember it like it was yesterday and it's gonna give me nightmares. I know what you mean, though - and that is why Paprika is on swim team and Ginger will be taking swim lessons this summer every day - I am determined that my kids will be great swimmers. It is really important to me - thank you for posting about water safety!