Monday, May 13, 2013

It's move time... is getting close...we are at the LESS THAN 100 days left in Texas.  

I am not really sure where to start this post. I keep typing things and then erasing and just know this is not an easy post to write.  Moving - well, that is part of my life now.  As a military spouse we know how to pack it up, unpack it and pack it up again.  This move is different.  

I really, really, really, in a ridiculously crazy sort of way love Texas.  But, as much as I love Texas - I love my husband, the military and the life opportunities they have both given me.

But, I am not ready to move.  Normally you get this itch to move.  Not now, not this time.  Actually, I still feel like I have yet to "settle".  I have known about the possibility of this move for a year now.  Sadly, I will never forget when I found out about it, the poor response I had to it and the conversation I had the following day apologizing for my lack of filter.  

Truth is I guess I never thought we would go back to where we are going but we are...and I will make the best of it. Actually, as much as I am not ready to leave Texas I find myself each day looking forward to our move.

Where to start?
We have official orders.  And, reality really hit last week when we booked movers.  Oh, and our house is rented and we have a place to go once we arrive (but those things both were confirmed in March).

What now?  Well, I just reminisce about this awesome ride: place I have gone, people I have met, friends I have made, things I have experienced...and overall, just how much I have grown this past move.

I think now would be a good time to end this post...and let you know I am planning on doing a dedicated move time post each week for quite awhile. 

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Erika said...

I have this dream to live in Texas. Seriously. Have been in love with it my whole life- my grandpa was from Texas. Anyway - maybe one day we will both end up in Texas and be neighbors. I can dream, right??? :-)