Saturday, May 11, 2013

fun and free a field trip to the Microsoft store!

Earlier I told you about how we went on a fabulous and free field trip to the Apple Store to let the kids learn about iVideo.  Well, when I first went on our homeschool group page to ask about interest I was told that Microsoft also offered cool opportunities.  I looked on our store's page to find the times and offerings (each store has their own page and calendar of upcoming workshops and presentations - same is true for the Apple store) and then planned my visit!

Each week our store offers (twice actually) a Tech for Tots program.  It is geared to kids ages 2-5 and has a digital story time.  It is supposed to run about 30 minutes and include a snack time.  Word has not really gotten out about this program so we were the only ones in the class this day!!  

The kids started out by playing with the xbox 360 kinect kids dance game.  

We actually own a kinect system so it was neat to see the kids get into the groove of playing this game. I cannot remember the last time the kids actually turned on the xbox or the wii -- I'm telling you this because I do not want you to think I am one of those parents that allows their young kids to play on it all the time (do not ask me about iPods or iPads though - I will plead the fifth).  

The kids really enjoyed the dancing game...but then Achoo decided that Peanut was in his way...and dancing became...well, you know.

After the kids finished the dancing.  They sat down to start the digital story time with Tech Mouse (and I stopped taking photos - sorry!).  They read a little story, played on the tablet with some apps (drawing animals, etc).  They played another game on the kinect and then had a snack.  The store actually supplied each kid with a juice box, bag of Annie's fruit snacks or animal crackers and a take home Microsoft cup!  Seriously, they put together such an amazing little program!!!  We will definitely be back!!

Oh...and upon leaving we decided to buy a game for the kids to play at home.  We only have one other kinect game Kinect Adventures and it came along with the Kinect when we purchased it.  This new game should be lots of fun....stay tuned and I will post pictures eventually!!

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