Thursday, May 23, 2013

Forced Organization.

Just yesterday I went to put the baby in some pajamas and I could not get her head through the shirt.  I then realized that Baby A needed some new clothes...and fast!  Thankfully, since we have a bunch of older siblings it is not hard to find bigger sizes!  All we had to was pull down bins upon bins of clothes to find where the right sized clothes were located. 

 (Autzee rocking the new pjs)

As I am pulling clothes out I'm thinking she may need this, we may need that, oh...well - what I realized was I really need to start SORTING!

So, this week's move tip (which is good for both military and non military moves) is the moment you find out you are moving start to sort through your items and purge!!!!  Do not wait until the movers are at your house.  

I started a few months back going through the kids clothes, toys, kitchen, etc.  We sold some items on a local yard sale group.  I gave some to friends and I donated lots.  Even after doing all this I still have tons to sort and purge!!  

Some people think that by sorting through on the beginning part of the move you are golden on the other side...let me tell you...that has not been my experience. I purge on both ends.  And, while I feel like we have clutter...I'm realizing slowly that my clutter is not traditional clutter.  I'm thankful for moving every few years and being forced to rid myself of excess.

I always feel amazing after getting rid of unwanted and unused items. I feel freer.  I dream of living a simplistic life in these not so simplistic days...

Think of me this weekend as I sort through piles upon piles and bins upon bins of clothes and attempt to find some sort of system to organize my chaos!

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