Sunday, May 12, 2013

Austin Zoo.

I have been working hard on lots of things here.  One of the things I did awhile back was start a Texas Bucket know all the must do things before we leave Texas.  

The kids really love the Zoo so I figure Austin being like the Capital of Texas would have an amazing zoo...but no.

There were many mistakes in my whole thought getting in the car and searching "Austin Zoo" and following the GPS.  I never looked online to realize there were TWO zoos in Austin.  Even if I had though I would have googled Austin Zoo and thought it would be like oh, the San Antonio Zoo, Cincinnati Zoo, Nashville Zoo -- big zoos with the city name....alas, no.

This zoo was made up of rescued animals - how sweet....or lame.  All the animals were blah. The walking path was not a real walking path it was dirt and you know how hard it is to push a double stroller on dirt and rocks while protecting your 4 yr old from the bird that is wandering around aimlessly?!

I get the idea...a zoo that rescues animals from the circus, random people who own them or other entertainment places...but really, they animals were all old, fat, tired and pathetic looking...and it cost an arm and a leg to get in (thanks to it not being a real zoo and having reciprocity of any kind to the memberships we already own).  Whatever...its a checkmark off my bucket list, a small donation to help some animals and only 25 minutes out of my life (because that is how quickly our trip was....aside from the crazy drive to and from because that obviously was far longer than 25 minutes).

Next time maybe I will check out the Capital of Texas Zoo in Austin...or maybe I'll just not.

(This post was some how not published but was actually written in March - enjoy!)

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Erika said...

Haha! I feel so bad laughing - but I have BEEN THERE!!! The Los Angeles Zoo is so horrible - yet I always forget that somehow and end up going every couple of years and REGRET it as soon as I park the car. And it is crazy expensive, and all on a hill. The last time we went Ginger cried half the time. LOL. You look great in that Ergo pic, though! And yay for checking "an Austin zoo" off your list! :-)