Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Art Class.

Today was the last home school art class for the year...or for me, my entire time in Texas.  Last year another Mom ran the program and it was fabulous. She used this book that I have had on my wishlist.  This year, another Mom stepped up to run the art class. She's done an amazing job too! It's completely different and that is what makes homeschooling just so awesome!

Ok - so today's art class included American Impressionists.  The kids learned about Thomas Kinkade and then sat at the table and were shown examples of his works. They then painted their own impressionistic piece.

So, Gator told me that Thomas Kinkade painted houses and water (that's why she painted houses and water).  Peanut told me he painted trees and people without hands (that's why she painted her stuff) and Achoo painted a dragon...not so Kinkade!  

The kids really had a lot of fun at class and enjoyed spending time with other kids - I'm thinking there were about 23 kids in her house!!! 

The kids have really learned a lot and I'm looking forward to some more art classes in the future!! 


Erika said...

that looks so fun! my kids would love something like that!

mum2abby said...

Yes tons of fun! I hope that we find something like this where we move next!!