Friday, May 10, 2013

Apple - a free fun educational FIELD TRIP!

This week we had the opportunity to attend a FREE field trip at the Apple Store.  

I had no idea they offered field trips...and from the group of homeschoolers I managed to pull together looks like many other people did not know about them either!

It was really easy to set up the field trip. I just had to find the store I wanted to go to and send them a field trip request.  You can find some more information here....and definitely go check it out and get yourself on the e-mail list for when Apple Camp starts -- FREE!  Online it says the camp is for 8-12 HOWEVER the lady I spoke with said they actually have classes for preschoolers on, cool.

The field trip was really fun for the kids! As the parent in charge - it was pretty easy to run, too!  You have a limit of 25 kids that can attend. You choose whether you would like to work on the Mac or iPad.  They give you options of creating a project or showcasing something you have already made.  We opted for a lesson on iVideo -- each kid then made their own video AND we were able to bring the videos home! 

Oh, best part? Probably the free t-shirt and certificate!  Apple went above and beyond in making the kids all feel special.  Now, the bummer part - field trips run ONLY during school season so you won't be able to book one over the summer.  Hurry and book this month (May) or mark it on your calendar to set up a fun trip this fall!!!

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Erika said...

that looks awesome!!! I wish they started apple camp at age 6- I know paprika would LOVE that!