Monday, May 20, 2013

Another APPLE store field trip!

I got to experience another APPLE store field trip!  To see my previous field trip read here.

Today the kids worked on Garage Band.  I do not have it on any of our devices so this was a new experience for my kids.  It allows the kids to make their own music with drums, guitars, keyboards, pianos, string instruments that are all on the iPad.  You can even sing into it and on top of all this other stuff. When you have your project saved you can turn it into a ringtone or send it to iMovie (the app we used the last time) so that you have your own background music.  It is amazing what the iPad could do - who knew!

There were lots of yellow shirts.  Apple provided our group with FOUR staff members to work with the kids. They all did a fabulous job.  I think the kids really enjoyed the program and the staff enjoyed working with the kids...

Peanut had a really good time at the field trip too.  She felt like one of the big kids!  I will try and figure out a way to upload their musical pieces they worked on while at the store.

Lastly, each participant receives a certificate for project completion.  There were a bunch of kids and last time they did a group shot after. This go round they did not do a group photo but I grabbed a quick shot of Gator and her BFF (Peanut didn't want to be in it).  

So, interested in bringing your homeschool group to the apple store?  Contact your local Apple Store and ask them for the details on the Apple Field Trip Program.  They only run during the school year so the program ends in May but will restart in September. Apple runs a FREE Apple Camp for kids during the summer so join their mailing list to be notified when they open for sign ups...and when they do open sign up quick! I have heard they fill up very fast!

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Fun!! What a great experience for the kids! I had no idea Apple stores did this! Thanks for linking up at Teach Me Tuesday on Preschool Powol Packets!!