Sunday, May 5, 2013

A trip to the fire house -- a free field trip!

I took the kids to the fire station for a field trip to learn the importance of fire safety.  This is such a serious topic that needs to be taught to young kids.  We have talked about it at home with simple things like "what is the smoke detector" and "if you see smoke or fire go outside and call 911" etc.  But, even with teaching at home I felt a hands on learning experience would be great!

The kids loved going to the fire station.  They were given the opportunity to see the fire fighters, walk around the fire house, learn about the fire truck and everything inside and the best part -- spray the hose!  

The kids got the opportunity to try on the real fire hat and mask.  It also taught them that if they saw a fireman like this they didn't have to be afraid.  They also learned to crawl low near smoke, if fire got on them to stop drop and roll and most importantly that we all need to know how to safely exit the house and have a central meeting spot.  One thing the fire fighters taught me was that kids should know how to safely open the windows in their bedroom. I never thought about that...but yes, they need to know how to open them.  We always keep our windows upstairs closed but in an emergency if that is the only way out they need to know how to do so.  

They also sell ladders you can buy and keep in the kids bedrooms - I had thought about these at one point BUT I think you can only use them its not like you can do a "trial" or anything.

Oh...and lastly - if you are going to go to the fire house for a field trip make sure you bring some yummy treats to thank the fire fighters!!  We all know that I'm lazy so I hired my friend Melissa to make some delicious cookies!! Didn't they turn out amazing?  Like her cookies - you can find her at Buttercream Blessings AND she ships!  (She has made lots of cookies and cupcakes for us...and that oh so fabulous rainbow cake from Peanut's birthday party!)

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Erika said...

that is awesome! I never thought of doing a private field trip to the fire station - great idea! and those cookies look amazing- how thoughtful of you!!!