Tuesday, May 14, 2013


This review is written by me on behalf of Thrive Art.  All opinions are mine.  

The kids absolutely loved the art classes they have participated in through the homeschool group.  I have considered some of those fun art camps through the art place here or even one of those painting places.  I just have not done it.

Today, I saw a friend post about a Latin class online. Yesterday, another friend was telling me about her two daughters who have taken a couple online classes. I thought for a minute and ran to google "Art Classes Kids Online Homeschool" and I came up with a few I decided were worthy of trying!

The first I found (that was worth trying) was Thrive Art.  It looks like an amazing program.  There are six classes available. If you sign up you can actually get one free and you can use it for 10-14 days. It is only one lesson and its approximately thirty minutes long.  OOOH (editing to add this) looks like you can get TWO free classes (above mentioned one and this one below).

I set up the computer, a couple pieces of paper (I did it with her) and markers...

There was a little background information about art.  She also learned a little about angel fish (the subject of the project).

She was so into this...

And, she really was excited during the whole project...

She kept telling me how much she loved it, how awesome this was, and "look I'm doing it"...

The picture came out awesome...

And, once she was done with her drawing she began to color it in. I'll come back and add a photo to show how awesome that turned out tomorrow. She still had a tiny bit to finish of it and then she will be proud to show it off for everyone.

So, the program (Thrive Art) was awesome...and I thought I should totally sign up and do the additional lessons which you can find here.  The dilemma is there are ONLY six lessons available.  I think Gator could go through that in a week though I did think we could repeat the lesson over and over and over again until well, she's mastered it.  

I e-mailed to find out more information about possible additional lessons and when they would be available. It sounds pricey at $99.00 but really an art class for a month or two would easily cost that and I would not have unlimited access...and it is not $99 per child its per family!  It really is a great deal.

After I did the class I was so excited I continued my search. I haven't found anything great but I did find this and plan on trying it soon.  I also thought maybe I would search youtube for some drawing lessons as well...and a quick search for DVD art programs.  Please let me know if there are any great programs that you have tried and loved!!  (Not just art based but ANYTHING based).

I will keep you posted on our "Thrive Art" projects so you can see her masterpieces!


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