Saturday, May 11, 2013


The kids love art.  It seems like there is always some craft project scattered somewhere in the house.  They love to destroy my clean house color, glue, cut, stick, mark, rip...create.  The girls are pretty darn talented.  Their imaginations are packed with amazing ideas.  I love finding the paper hats that they make for their dolls, the necklaces and bracelets for themselves, paper purses, envelopes, letters, pictures, goes on.  They get excited about the littlest things and I love to watch it happen...

While I do love art - I despise the clean up.  Play-doh has become an outdoor toy but most of our other crafts I do let them use inside. Still, paint, glue, little papers...all messy.  That's why I love having a local place to go and make art but leave the mess!  The art center has lots of amazing things for the kids to do.  There are even some interesting ways to create art that you probably never thought of:  salad spinner painting, record player spin art, old drawings and fabric scraps, butterflies, painting with koosh balls, marbles, trucks...the list goes on.  

What fun creative art projects have your kids discovered?

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