Tuesday, April 30, 2013

March/April update.

I came back, again.

Let me tell you - life has been crazy!  I'm not really sure where to start.

I want to go back and update you on each thing that I thought "I will blog about this" and show you each photo that I took over the past couple months...but that would take too long.

I will start with a quick review of the month of March.  It was absolutely crazy!  We started house hunting for our new home (summer 2013).  We looked all over. We had these great neighborhoods we wanted to live in and had all these amazing things we "needed" in our home.  We wanted 2500 sq ft, a full finished basement, fenced yard and a cul-de-sac --- oh and close to work for Vegas and close to activities for me and the kids.  Well, life does not always turn out how you plan.  A friend jokingly (at least I think she was joking) mentioned  her house being for rent -- so Vegas and I talked about it and decided we would rent a home from another military family we met the last time we were stationed there!  

Does it have what we wanted?  Well, yes and no.  It's not 2500 sq ft...has no basement...the yard is fenced but it isn't on a cul-de-sac.  Truth is I really think it has more.  I think what I have realized is that this home will really work for us...the yard is what sold us and the location (close to work, activities, doctors and shopping).  It will offer us an opportunity to simplify our lives a bit....

Ah, so what else happened in March? Well...let's see - Peanut went to her neurologist and got a clear check though we do have to follow up with a new doctor when we arrive at our next station.  It's so hard when you move so often to find doctors that you are close to and trust...only to have to leave them.  We also found renters for this house here - yes, we listed it on a Sunday night and it was gone so fast.  By Tuesday we had four families interested in it...crazy but that is the market here.  I feel really good about our new renters - a loving family who will care for our house.  I don't think we really did anything else fabulous in March...but if we did - whoops!

April came so quickly!  The kids were so excited to go to Disneyland.  We took a nice vacation there! I was able to meet up with my friend Erika.  I was a little bummed I didn't get to see my friend Tammy who is out there for her son -- but he had a gig and that was more important!!  The kids had an amazing time at Disneyland.  We spent 3 days between California Adventure and Disneyland....I think we liked California Adventure more :)  I will most definitely upload some photos and post them in an upcoming blog!  We also traveled down to San Diego.  We really enjoyed the beach and Sea World before heading home to Texas!  It was nice to return home and get things rolling for our upcoming move.

So, we have been home now for a couple weeks -- we all got this nasty cold and of course I was the last one to catch it!  Baby A turned 8 months old when we got home - can you believe it?  She's crawling, cruising, drooling and now the proud owner of a TOOTH!  Life's sure been busy at our house....I have been working really hard at simplifying our life and clearing the clutter from the house!  Vegas will be participating in a yard sale with a friend this weekend though I'm not sure that will net anything since most stuff I have already sold - ha!  

Ahhh...and lastly, a quick homeschool update!  We are pretty much done with grade 1!  We have a few more readers to do but the other stuff has been completed!  Gator is so excited to start working on her grade 2 math book (her favorite subject).  I'm taking next week off to do a few fun things (hopefully blog worthy)!  And, then we will really get in gear for starting the next year's worth of stuff. We school year round so that I can take a couple weeks off here and there  :)  I'd rather take time like that instead of a chunk of 10 weeks at once!  

EDIT:  How could I forgot -- March brought Gator the most amazing accomplishment!!! She finished the swim program at the local swim school here and got the big trophy along with cake!  She is so proud of her achievement and cannot wait to swim on the team at our next location --- watch out world, she's coming!!!

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Erika said...

what an amazing update!!! I am so glad I got to see you at Disneyland! Now all this post needs??? PICTURES!!! LOL! <3