Thursday, January 24, 2013

Operation Organization!

I've been working hard on lots of stuff this year!  As you can see, I've been working on blogging 300/365 days!  Only time will tell if I will really make it. I'm also attempting to organize our house (before our move) and just make things easier in general.  Let's face it...with four little kids, two puppies and a husband...its crazy!  And the best part is I'm not the most organized one in the house -- he is!
I bought and printed off this handy "family" binder.  I ordered it off etsy with a discount code.  I do like it...but I also found a free one - uh, free!  So, I printed off many more pages.  I have things about the people we contact in emergencies, all of our contacts, recipes, meal planning, doctor information, pet info, kids info, etc.  The purpose was to have a go-to binder for anything I could need!
One of my big organization needs is food based - meal planning/grocery budget etc.  I'm really hoping that I can make our meal situation go further...apparently mexican and chicken and mexican chicken gets old...who knew!?  I now have 28 different recipes that I'm going to go through...most are recipes we have used before, lots are easy, most are healthy (though not all).  I plan on keeping you guys updated with how the recipes work out...and with any other organizational information that I come across especially for those other military families that move so often!

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Lisa Coleman Boutilier said...

I have been meaning to tackle this! Thanks for the link. This is next on my list after I'm done reorganizing our home.