Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Texas BUCKET list

A TEXAS sized bucket list for TEXAS!

1. Houston Children's Museum.
2. Legoland Dallas.
3. Austin's BAT bridge
4. San Antonio Zoo
5. Visit Fredericksburg.
6. Eat at Big Lou's
7. Go to Galveston.
8. Kemwah Boardwalk.
9. Play in the ocean and let the kids build a sand castle.
10. Host a good bye party for the kids. (planned)
11. Natural Bridge Caverns
12. Gruene - The Gristmill
13. Find a barn and take a photo in front of it.
14. NASA (Vegas vetoed this stating it was not kid friendly)
15.  See FAMILY (in Dallas)
16. Hike Enchanted Rock (update 5/13 not happening -- appears it isn't kid friendly)
17.  View the city from the Tower of the Americas
18. See the Missions
19. Updated family photos in Bluebonnets
20. Celebrate FIESTA with some Cascarones (whoops, missed it)
21.  Bussey's Flea Market
22.  Sea World
23.  Quadrangle and Ft. Sam Splashpad
24.  Strawberry Festival (was out of town - bummer!)
25.  Austin Zoo
26.  San Antonio Zoo
27.  La Hacienda
28.  Purple Garlic
29.  Kiddie Park

With roughly 28 weeks left here in Texas I figure I can accomplish these things slowly...perhaps one a week...yet, some of this stuff is a little harder to do since its so far away.  Texas is afterall a BIG state!  So, fellow Texans -- what else should I see or do before I leave?!


Lisa Coleman Boutilier said...

Great idea! I'm sure you can get it all done :)

Erika said...

alamo? river walk? :-)

mum2abby said...

I have done the Alamo :) but I'd like to go to the Riverwalk again :)

KK said...

Unless you really really like birds, I don't suggest the San Antonio zoo. It is pretty horrible and was ranked among the top worst zoos in the country.

The strawberry fest is great though! We love it!

Oh, and cascarones aren't for Fiesta. They are for Easter. They'll be long gone by the time fiesta rolls around. But the kids get the day off of school for Battle of the Flowers. lol

And Sea World is super easy since you get your free military passes.

mum2abby said...

Actually, cascarones are for a party favor. Also used for Easter BUT when I was googling to find out about when Fiesta was (we were out of town last year when it started) there were lots of articles about how to make Cascarones for Fiesta. It's part of Fiesta too ;)

I hit the SA Zoo yesterday. My kids liked it. I'm planning a trip to Austin as well. Is it the best zoo? No. BUT I needed something to do and my kids had a good time. Definitely a lot of birds though...