Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas...a week late!


I came online to check the blog this morning and realized, yet again, I had forgotten to publish a blog...so here goes, a week late...but at least it's here.

Merry Christmas!
This was Christmas morning at our house 2012!  You'll see all the presents nicely under the tree - the ones unwrapped are the special gifts Santa brought (A1: ds, A2: doll stroller, A3: dinosaurs, A4: exersaucer).  We did WANT. NEED. WEAR. READ. for each child again this year...and then we had gifts that came from family and friends. 
Before opening any gifts we had the kids do the traditional Christmas photo...
Special thanks to Achoo for bombing the above photo.  The coolest gifts came care of all the arts & crafts the kids have been doing in the past month...one special one wrapped up...
 Little man insisted upon opening the dinosaurs and playing with them...
Books that inspire creativity...along with arts and crafts materials were big hits too!
It was an exhausting day to say the least....
but very enjoyable and filled with fun family time...
Since I'm already late....these were from the day after....playing with her new exersaucer and the girls playing with some arts and crafts materials...
Oops and one more...here is the girls photo with Buddy the Elf...along with a few photos of them tossing reindeer food out front the night before Christmas...
Sorry these are a week late!  I did plan on publishing it earlier and I got distracted!  Hope you enjoyed! 
Happy New Year!
maybe I'll be better at blogging this year - one can hope :)

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