Sunday, January 6, 2013


I am trying really hard to blog often.  
Can you tell? 
Well, It has been so long since I have blogged about everything that I feel like I have to some how catch you up on certain parts of our lives.  I figure I will sort of catch you up on our homeschooling process.
Above is a shelf in my kitchen - hidden away so no one sees it...except anyone that opens that cabinet thinking we keep glasses there or something!  I try to keep my stash "neat" but its so big that its all over. This is the "what we are using now" material.  I have a bookshelf (or two) in our office and another cabinet downstairs, stuff stored in the playroom closet, stuff in the den, books in their room, oh...its hidden all over!
The easiest way to describe my homeschooling style is ecletic. 
I should start by saying I really wanted to do Classical Conversations this year.  It didn't happen because of timing with A4 and the start of CC.  But, also, there were a few things we didn't necessarily feel we needed to focus on yet (Latin).  So, I read The Well Trained Mind and really loved most of it.  They had lots of recommendations for each level so I started (sort of) following WTM (The Well Trained Mind) with A1.  While I was doing WTM I was using a few things that I decided I didn't love.  I was looking for a Science that was easy to follow and at A1's level. I found Sonlight's science program and decided to jump into it and Core A.  It is so much different than P4/P5 which I did a few years back and really did not care for.  This Sonlight is AMAZING.  (Check out link below).
Here is what we currently use and mostly love:
I also have many other books that we reference frequently. This is what we mainly use for A1 but A2 and A3 do participate in certain parts of it.  And, A2 has a few of her own books as well. 
Because I was expecting A4 we started schooling A1 before the school year started so I could take a larger break if need be...I took 3 weeks after having A4 and another 2 weeks at Christmas.   If we stay on track (and this includes a 2 week vacation) we should finish in late April. 
Here is a photo of the kids doing school...look even the dogs want to learn!!!


AandW Drive-Thru said...

We are using SL science for G and Horizon's math as well... He really enjoys them, along with ABekka for reading. All is going well. We took three weeks off over Christmas because we had family in town and then trying to reorganize the house afterwards. I think we'll be done in May... The one problem I have with homeschooling is that there always seems to be so much MORE I COULD teach them,I have a hard time narrowing things down and not going overboard.

mum2abby said...

I totally understand!!! I'm always like "ooh I could teach this" right now I'm searching for a few printables for A2. :)