Thursday, January 3, 2013


At one point I really enjoyed cooking.  I still do enjoy it...but, I lack time.  In fact, I find that I almost have no time...until I'm laying on the couch staring at the fan thinking "they are all asleep" and then I realize this is the time that I have to do something really cool and I'm utilizing it to stare at the fan. Ha.
I've been in a cooking funk.  At one point I was an avid Scramble user.  I loved that we got tons of really cool recipes each time went on though I realized she was re-using recipes and that some of the recipes were complete flops.  Plus, I'd not use all the recipes she suggested instead I'd pick/choose because who really wants bean soup?!  Not me.  I looked around Pinterest - meh.  I asked friends.  And...still I'm at a complete loss (feel free to leave me some meal ideas). 
We eat almost the same exact thing each week. Mexican, Mexican, Chicken, More Mexican, Mexican with Chicken and more chicken.  Vegas absolutely cannot stand chicken.  He keeps saying "chicken again?!" and just a few months ago he was saying "no more tacos, burritos etc"  I would be okay following that advice if he gave me some suggestion about what to make. No suggestions though.  We do pizza and pasta but I tend to prefer low carb (yes, I know tortillas aren't low carb) and I'm now dairy free (thanks to Autzee). 
Well...for Christmas the kids got me these really cool make your own tortilla bowls.  The kids said "we can have taco icecream".  Really though - lots of cool ideas.  I bought some super yummy HEB tortillas freshly made (I'm going to miss those, no they aren't healthy at all...and yes I'd love a recipe to make my own if it doesn't require too much time) and we made tortilla bowls last night.  The kids loved it.  They filled their little bowls with lettuce, shredded chicken, tomatos (not A2), cheese (not A1) and ate...oh, and A3 just put eggs in his - whatever...he ate.  It was quite yummy.  Now, I just looked at that link above lots of cool ideas :)
Here Peanut is enjoying her taco bowl last night.
Oh...and maybe I don't just have mexican and chicken...I do make this quite often because my kids usually love it.  It's called Turkey Tomato Barley soup and I serve it with Biscuits.  The kids say "Biscuit & Barley soup" (those are our dogs names - ha!) I really love it but what I love more is when its chunky so I often toss in a little extra Barley and let it absorb all the liquid...there were more carrots than that in my bowl BUT they were hidden underneath all the yumminess. It's actually pretty healthy too - so if you're looking for a yummy, healthy, easy meal to make for next week you should try it!
Feel free to leave me some recipe ideas...kid friendly of course!

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