Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Another pinned it and did it post! 
While sending Vegas for groceries I was thinking what can these kids eat for snacks? I really want to focus on healthy foods...but even baking from home doesn't really mean healthy - muffins, brownies, cookies...I wanted easier healthier.  I came across this recipe.  I was not suer how the kids would react.  They loved making them and eating them....even Miss I hate peanutbutter ate several of them!!!  Absolutely delicous!
I took photos of my little helpers when they were eating but they were bouncing around the iPhone made them look like little blurs :-/  But, here (still a bit blurry) is a photo of the one little helper who didn't get to taste any!!!
Ain't she cute?
Toss me some links for some good healthy kid friendly snacks...please nothing too chewy or hard to chew...thanks!

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