Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The girls (and the little dude, too!) absolutely love doing anything ART related.  I pulled out some watercolors and let them paint. 
They are quite the little artists....love making pictures...they use tons of paper....and hang them all of over their room.

I'm currently on the hunt for more fun art projects for the kids -- so if you have anything kid-friendly you think my kids would enjoy let me know!!  We do "art" as part of school three times a week usually (school related art project) but the kids color, paint, playdoh it up almost everyday!!!

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Erika said...

we have paper and crayons/colored pens/pencils available at all times. but the paint is up HIGH. I need to take it down more - they love it - but man, it is messy with Violet (15 months now!) - you are inspiring me to get out the paints!!!