Sunday, December 23, 2012

This weekend we took the kids to Sea World to celebrate the Christmas season. We went last year for Milk and Cookies with Santa Claus...the kids enjoyed it so much that we knew we needed to make another trip this year!

First stop - dolphins. My kids love the dolphins. When friends or family are in town we often let the kids feed the dolphins but today we didn't let them feed the dolphins and that's okay! They still got to see the dolphins and watch them swim. One dolphin actually had a fish from the other side and kept tossing it into the air and catching it - quite funny to watch.


Then, we saw the Sharks and Stingrays. I didn't take any photos in there (well, that were worth sharing). We headed over to the spot for Milk and Cookies. The kids were excited by the snow that was falling...until it hit Peanut and Gator looked at her and screamed "it's on you" and then she said "and it's on me..." and then she said "I don't like snow" at which point I just laughed...but here is the cute photo before they realized it was on them.


We went inside and headed to our table...but first, a photo with Mrs. Claus and her elves...


Achoo wanted NOTHING to do with that...or the photo with just the elves...


The kids all sat down at the table. Peanut was so excited to have milk and cookies. She had been talking about it all weekend and was so excited about the glasses she could drink from (she remembered them from last year).


This little guy melts my heart all the time...


Mrs. Claus came around to check and see how the cookies tasted...the girls jumped at the chance for another photo. Again, they were so excited about going for milk and cookies with Santa AND Mrs. fact, I think we heard more about Mrs. Claus before during and after than the big guy!


Achoo wanted nothing to do with another photo....ha!


Santa photos...



That pretty much finished up milk & cookies so we went off to explore the park a bit...

The middles loved the carousel...


Gator loved the Shamu Coaster...she just kept going on it over and over and over again (no line) solo!


They all went off to ride the shell...Achoo went along for the ride and was less than happy about it mid way through...he survived all smiles though!


They also all really like this climbing thing...


I am not a huge fan of this. The kids going up and down the slide ok. I have even gone up and down it -- but when you start going through the tubes oh my its painful and nauseating! Plus, I feel like I cannot keep a watchful eye on them going through the tubes so sadly, I always limit them to JUST this side!

We then ventured over to the Shamu Express. Gator was so excited because they gave out tickets like the Polar Express (no photo of ticket sorry!) but here is a photo of the train...



It went through a village of snowmen. The kids (and Vegas) had a good time on the train ride...


After the train ride we saw the penguins, a Sesame Street Show, Sea Lions and Otters...then we headed home! It was a fun-filled day and I'm exhausted. Hope you all enjoyed seeing/reading about our special day! Merry Christmas!

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