Saturday, December 29, 2012

Four Months (3, 2, 1...)

Autzee is now FOUR months old. I really cannot believe that FOUR months ago yes, FOUR...eeek...FOUR months ago I gave birth to this amazing little girl...and yes, she was little.

She still is little although at the same time she's big. She's growing out of her clothes, rolling, drooling, smiling, laughing, cooing...she's not the little skinny thing that just ate. Oh, she does eat...she's a chunk. Today she weighed in at 15.4 pounds. This is why my arms the same time...she's tiny. She's the tiniest little A we've had. At four months A1 was 16.7 lbs, A2 was 16.6 lbs and A3 was 16.3 lbs.

Here are some recent photos of her:




And, since I have done a horrible job keeping up to she is "brand stinking new"


one month old


two months old



three months old


and now (again)


She's just growing like a weed. We are all really enjoying our newest addition to the family. I think about four months and I think "wow that went by fast" but then at the same time I cannot remember life without her. She's are all my A's!

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