Monday, December 24, 2012


Our Elf Buddy came back to visit us this year...the kids LOVE him! Here are a few of his photos from this season:


That was the first night Buddy came back to visit. He brought his book and left the kids a note!

These photos were just random nights he visited....he moved around every night, did fun things, brought treats a couple times....






And...last night Buddy's last visit he brought us this...(don't mind the wet spots on the note A2 took it before I could take a photo).


Buddy was lots of fun again this year. I'm not sure what the kids enjoyed most. When the kids talk about last years adventure they talk about the tree with underwear (he did that again this year too) and the nail painting while they slept (he didn't do that this year though - instead he painted everyone's nose red!)...I'm sure next year they'll talk about the letter to A2 from Santa...or maybe the time he brought chocolate...who knows...all I can say is my kids really have enjoyed seeing Buddy every morning and I know when tomorrow comes and the kids are celebrating there will be a little sadness that the adventures of Buddy must wait until next Christmas season!

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